10 Reasons to Choose Oakley Sunglasses and Safety Glasses

Oakley eyewear is synonymous with luxurious eyewear. When well-known people like Prince William and Kate, Jennifer Aniston and even Cyclops (James Marsden) in X-Men 3 wear Oakley sunglasses, a first thought might be that once again the famous are dictating fashion. However, Oakley eyewear is much more than just a fashion statement. The quality and standards behind the product make them worth their price in addition to the fact that there are a ton of options available for anyone to be able to find the perfect safety glasses and sunglasses. In many cases, a person can have one pair of glasses for both sun and safety!

Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses

Oakley sunglasses feature cutting edge innovations, such as the Switchlock technology found on the new Oakley Fast Jacket

There are a myriad of reasons for choosing Oakley sunglasses and safety glasses. The features needed in a good pair of sunglasses and safety glasses are the same features found behind the name Oakley. Naming every feature available in all the various Oakley sunglasses and safety glasses would be cumbersome for the reader, so research to find the best combinations of options to suit individual taste is key. To help, the top 10 reasons are provided below:

  1. Unparalleled research & technology made obvious by the perfectly balanced 3-point frames that provide stability, comfort and maximum optical alignment. Oakley frames help make vision as sharp and accurate as possible as well as eliminate the pressure points than often come with ordinary frames.
  2. High Definition Optics® (HDO) lenses allow for a clearer, sharper image. This technology also prevents dust or moisture from sticking to the lens.
  3. All Oakley glasses are tested to exceed the most rigorous high velocity impact tests of ANSI. However, only the Industrial M-Frame and the SI M-Frame are Z78.1 stamped for safety compliance. The M-Frames also pass the criteria of Canada’s CSA standards.
  4. All lenses block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light. In fact, this protection is filtered into the lens rather than being offered as just a coating that may be ruined over time.
  5. Options like lens and frame color are available with just about every style. Some lines, such as SwitchLock, give wearers the opportunity to change lenses quickly to allow for maximum visibility in a variety of situations.
  6. Available in polarized, iridium and polarized/iridium lenses. Polarized lenses cut bouncing glare that comes from other surfaces, iridium is a coating that cuts certain light waves and enhances others. The resulting glare reduction makes models like the Polarized Flak Jacket XLJ advantageous for sports such as fishing.
  7. Elegant and fashionable with a wide choice of cuts and styles to suit anyone’s taste. The universal style of Oakley glasses makes them look good on both men and women.
  8. A variety of activity specific models are available. For example, the Fast Jacket line works well for tennis while the Radar Range Golf Specific models are obviously for golfers. In addition, some models work well for any activity, including the Radar XL Blades that have advantages for active individuals from baseball players to triathletes.
  9. Some models offer hydrophobic coating that prevents rain and sweat buildup on the lens. This coating also helps maintain a smudge-resistant barrier against skin oils, lotions and sunscreens, and it even repels dust.
  10. XYZ Optics® extends clarity across lens contours that open peripheral vision and improve side protection against sun, wind and impact in sports such as skiing and target shooting.

Not just worn by royalty and Hollywood stars, Oakley eyewear has also been made well-known by high performers in a variety of sports. Individuals such as Lance Armstrong and 52 medalists in the 2006 Winter Olympics are choosing Oakley not simply because of the name brand but because of the product behind the name. Even the 33 Chillean miners rescued after spending 17 days trapped in a mine in 2010 were given Oakley Sunglasses to protect the miners’ eyes since “medics [had] warned of damage to the miners’ retinas when they reach daylight after so long underground.” Add to this the fact that Oakley is worn by many military personnel, and it becomes clear that Oakley is a brand seen around the world not simply because of fashion but because of quality and attention to detail as the above features prove.

Oakley sunglasses and safety glasses are worth the investment of time to investigate the many options available and of finances to ensure you are receiving the best protection possible for your eyes.

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Michael Eldridge is the Founder and CEO of Safety Glasses USA, one of the web's largest providers of safety glasses and goggles. He's a US Marine Veteran who's particularly passionate about protective eyewear and helping people learn about vision safety. In his spare time he enjoys target shooting, fishing, camping with his family and watching Detroit Tigers baseball. You can follow Michael on Twitter @MikeEldridge73, Google or via the Safety Glasses USA Facebook Page.


  1. Oakleys are definitely the best choice of sunglasses for safety, the lenses are very resistant and have protected the eyes of numerous servicemen and women from blasts. You can read more about the quality of Oakley lenses, and what our members have to say at oakleyforum.com


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