12 Important Tips for Choosing the Best Hunting Eyewear

Edge Dakura Camouflage Safety Glasses

Choosing the right safety glasses, like the Edge Dakura above, can increase your shooting accuracy while protecting your vision.

Protective eyewear worn while hunting can not only prevent eye injury, it can also increase a hunter’s shooting accuracy. When hunters choose safety glasses, they must consider first the safety features for ultimate protection and then look to options that can help increase their chances of making an accurate shot.

All firearms recoil to some extent, and hunting activities usually take place outdoors where wind, sun, dust & other debris can be a factor. In addition, hunting rifles are held on the shoulder and handguns are only an arm’s length away placing both within close proximity to the face. For these reasons, quality, protective eyewear makes sense for hunters. Tips to help hunters choose the best safety glasses to protect their eyes while hunting include the following:

  1. Choose wrap-around shooting glasses to keep out wind, dust, and shotgun pellet ricochet as well as to protect against scratches from brush while walking in the woods.
  2. Make sure lenses are shatter resistant.
  3. Look for styles with UV protection, especially when hunting in bright light.
  4. Consider styles that have special padding on the frame of the eye for protection in case the gun recoils too far.
  5. Look for frame styles with a “sweat bar” to add stability and ensure a more secure fit.
  6. If glasses do not have anti-fog technology, carry an anti-fog spray or cloth with you. Changing temperatures along with the exertion of the hunt can cause glasses to fog up and impair vision.

In addition to protecting the eyes while hunting, the right safety glasses can also enhance a hunter’s vision and increase shooting accuracy. Choice of lens color can help increase contrast and improve clarity, and some safety glasses come with interchangeable lenses of various colors. Use the following guidelines when choosing lens color:

  1. Yellow and orange lenses block haze and blue light and enhance the orange color of the target.
  2. The brighter yellow the lens, the better for seeing in low contrast and near-dark settings.
  3. A light purple color is good for enhancing the orange of a target against a background of trees.
  4. Vermillion helps in situations where there is a varied background, such as with trees, to help the target stand out.
  5. Gray lenses help wearers see targets exactly as they are. While gray lenses do not enhance the target, they do help reduce glare from bright sunlight.
  6. Polarized lenses reduce glare and enhance outdoor vision.

Good vision is a key to becoming a skilled hunter. Proper eyewear will not only protect hunters’ eyes, it can also enhance a hunter’s ability to spot wildlife as well as increase the ability to make a terrific shot. Taking the time to choose proper eyewear before going hunting can pay big dividends later through the protection of a person’s eyesight and the thrill of victory resulting from a successful hunt.

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