How Does Computer Use Affect Children’s Vision?

By | July 31st, 2012|Safety Tips|

Computer use by children will not go away anytime soon. In fact, chances are it will increase. But that doesn't necessarily mean that children are doomed to eye problems resulting from looking at [...]

Paving The Way To Road Worker Safety

By | July 30th, 2012|Safety Tips|

It's the season of hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill, getting a suntan on the beach, and sitting in traffic for hours and navigating through detours on the road. It's that time of [...]

Rip It Up On The Open Road: Summer Motorcycle Safety Tips

By | July 19th, 2012|Safety Tips|

As the temperatures become more and more pleasant outside, we typically see an increase in the number of motorcycles on the road. If you've ever ridden a motorcycle, you know how free and [...]

Take Time to Focus on Eye Health & Safety

By | July 18th, 2012|Safety Tips|

With a national focus on eye safety and UV safety during the month of July, now is a great time to focus on and assess your approach to eye safety and UV protection. [...]

Yes, Your Eyes Can Get Sunburned: The Dangers of Photokeratitis

By | July 9th, 2012|Safety Tips|

Gosh, is it getting hot out there! The temperatures are skyrocketing, the sun is at its brightest, and for many of us, that means spending time in the pool, enjoying the crashing waves [...]

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