Bifocal Safety Glasses

Bifocal Safety Glasses protect your eyes and help you see fine details.

Bifocal glasses aren’t just for Grandma anymore ““ these days, bifocal safety glasses not only keep your eyes protected, but they also come with built-in magnifiers to make reading and detailed jobs easier. Safety glasses have dramatically evolved over the years in their modern designs and technology, with an ever increasing number of people wearing them. We”™re glad to hear it ““ the more people wearing safety glasses, the less eye injuries we”™ll hear about! Bifocal safety glasses are perfect for people who need safety glasses and reading glasses, and they’ve really taken off in popularity over the last few years. Here’s why:

  • It’s All In The Details: We know how important the details are ““ after all, it’s hard to be detailed, but it’s easy to spot a bad detail job. Whether you’re painting or woodworking, it pays to pay attention to the details. Eye safety should never be sacrificed, with bifocal safety glasses like our DeWalt Reinforcer Bifocal Safety Glasses coming to your rescue. Their impact resistant lenses give you peace of mind, and their magnification lets you carve those tiny flowers much more easily.
  • Tech Savvy Brain, Without The Strain: You’re all about new technology, leaving you staring at a computer screen for most of your work day. Ever notice how tired your eyes feel at the end of a long day, or those headaches that seem to pop up every afternoon? Computers increase eye strain, but bifocal safety glasses help you fight that strain. Not only can the amber lenses in our Uvex Genesis Bifocal Safety Glasses ease your eyes in front of the PC, but they also help you read that small print on your favorite tech blogs.
  • Read The Instructions: It’s always tempting to skip reading the instruction manual, especially when we’re at work and strapped for time. Operating that machine looks simple enough, doesn’t it? Well, we all know that if we skip the instructions, Murphy’s Law will have us either fixing the equipment or reading the manual in a few minutes, anyway. Bifocal safety glasses make reading the instructions ““ or a book on lunch at the job site, a cinch. No more needing to switch from safety glasses to reading glasses!
  • Scalpel? Check. Bifocal Safety Glasses? You bet: As a medical professional, you need to know what every nook and cranny inside our bodies is, and you need to identify it, fast. Bifocal safety glasses not only protect both you and the patient from the spread of infection, but give you the magnification you need to easily spot those tell-tale white dots on Susie’s throat. They’re as essential to you as that prescription pad and pen in your lab coat pocket.

Bifocal safety glasses are an eye safety achievement in our industry, and we’re happy to bring them to you. Our goal is to continually educate you on eye safety, and we resolve to carry only the most quality safety glasses to protect your peepers. What kind of every day uses do you have for bifocal safety glasses? Do you have any tips on uncommon, but important, uses for them?