5 Important Safety Tips for Deep Frying Turkey

Deep Frying Turkey

Oil splattering is common, always wear oven mitts, apron and safety glasses.

We consider ourselves to be foodies here at SafetyGlassesUSA.com, so it’s no surprise that Thanksgiving is one of our very favorite holidays – what’s there to dislike about a holiday that revolves around a scrumptious smorgasbord and giving thanks? Just as we love to test out our safety glasses to make sure they’ll stand up to wear and tear on the job, we like to do the same with our Thanksgiving feasts – namely, the turkey – and a deep fryer. Deep frying the turkey has become increasingly popular and is absolutely delicious, but with over 2,000 fires in the United States on Thanksgiving, we’ve got some crucial safety tips you need to follow.

Deep Frying Safety Tip #1: Wear safety glasses in case of oil splatters. The deep fryer can seem a little intimidating, as the oil is revved up to roaring temperatures, and there’s quite a bit of splattering and bubbling going on. Wear oven mitts and an apron to prevent oil splashes on your skin, and safety glasses in the event oil does splash up into your eyes. You’re dealing with very high heat, and your deep fried turkey experience will go a heck of a lot easier if you protect yourself from the very common experience of oil splattering up.

Deep Frying Safety Tip #2: Deep fry in an open, outdoor area. As last year’s Allstate Insurance Thanksgiving commercial reminded us, the deep frying should happen outside – never inside. Garages, even with the doors open, and wooden decks are off limits too. It might be a little frosty outside, but once you’re all decked out in your safety gear and safety glasses, you’ll be warm and cozy and ready to deep fry.

Deep Frying Safety Tip #3: Oil and water don’t mix. And no – we’re not talking about you and the in-laws. Water causes oil to bubble and spill over, which can quickly result in a fire. Instead, stick with turkey-approved marinades and rubs. And never attempt to cook a frozen turkey as the excess moisture will cause the oil boil violently and possibly start a fire.

Deep Frying Safety Tip #4: Have a fire extinguisher on hand. We don’t mean in the house-under-the-sink, we mean one a few feet away from you – maybe even two, and that’s in addition to wearing oven mitts, an apron, and safety glasses. A medium sized ABC dry chemical extinguisher is recommended. Deep frying a turkey is yum-o, but fires really do happen. If the grease catches on fire, stay calm, and extinguish it. Never throw water on an oil fire. The turkey might be a little charred, but it beats burning your garage and house down.

Deep Frying Safety Tip #5: Leave the ego at the door, and follow that recipe. You want your Thanksgiving dinner to go off without a hitch, so consult online recipes and recipe books for deep fried turkey recipes. When you’ve deep fried three or four turkeys, sure, you can start varying up the recipe, but your focus as a beginner needs to be on staying safe, preventing a grease fire, and deep frying one delicious bird.

We think you’ll do just fine deep frying that turkey this Thanksgiving, as long as you follow our safety tips. We hope you already have a pair of our safety glasses, but if not, there’s no better time like the present to pick up a new pair for your deep fried turkey experience. Our mouths are watering for the big day, and we can’t wait to hear about your deep frying experience. Have you tried deep frying a turkey? Please share your own deep fried turkey safety tips with us by leaving a comment!

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  1. The main step in helping to prevent an overflow fire is to know how much oil should be in the fryer pot before putting the turkey in. The method for measuring the oil is as follows: Put the thawed turkey in the empty pot. Add water to about 2″ below the top of the turkey. Make a mark at the water level. Take the turkey out and pour out the water. Dry the inside of the pot and add oil to the mark you made. Fire up the pot, and when it reaches the frying temperature, slowly add the turkey. Using this method of measuring will prevent a serious overflow of hot oil.

  2. Thanks for the excellent tip Big AL!