5 Ways Bifocal Safety Glasses Magnify Your Safety and Productivity


Edge Zorge Ballistic Magnifier Bifocal Safety Glasses With Clear Lens

Edge Zorge Ballistic Magnifier Bifocal Safety Glasses With Clear Lens

We may get wise with experience as we age, but we often can’t say the same about our vision. The American Federation® for the Blind reports that Americans 45-64 years of age are twice as likely to report a loss of vision than their 18-44 year old counterparts. Yet, we’re not about to let a little vision loss stop us from contributing to the workforce or our own diy projects – we just need a bit of help in the form of Bifocal Safety Glasses to accomplish our tasks while keeping our precious eyes safe and protected.

So how can bifocal safety glasses add to your safety and increase your productivity? Here’s five tried-and-true examples.

#1: Industrial Jobs – Do you work in an industrial setting, such as in a plant or factory? If so, you know how vital it is to stay on track and on time – and even contribute to increasing that time. You simply don’t have time to keep switching from your regular ol’ safety glasses to your prescription bifocal glasses. Not only that, you can’t risk a harmful particle flying up into your eye in those few seconds when you remove your safety glasses. Play it safe, and even increase your productivity with all-in-one bifocal safety glasses, like our Edge Zorge Bifocal Safety Glasses.

#2: Medical Fields – The same theory holds behind those working in a medical field – it’s crucial that you keep your eyes on the task at hand and ensure that the environment remains sterile. Switching from your safety glasses to your bifocal glasses can compromise a sterile environment, and also contribute to a loss in focus. You simply can’t risk either, and bifocal safety glasses are designed to keep you and your medical expertise in tip-top form.

#3: Athletic Sports – Whether you’re an Olympic-class athlete or just starting out on the junior high field hockey team, you know how crucial Sports Safety Glasses are and the 600,000 sports-related eye injuries per year that they can help thwart. If you’re suffering from vision loss, skip the temptation to simply wear your prescription glasses underneath your safety glasses – that combination could result in glass in your eye should a ball or other athletic object come hurling towards your face. Instead, check out our athletic and oh-so-modern Elvex Go-Specs Bifocal Safety Glasses.

#4: Tech Lab Jobs – If you look at a computer screen for eight or more hours a day, welcome to the lives of our dedicated SafetyGlassesUSA.com website team! But in all seriousness, we all know how viewing a computer screen for long periods of time can diminish our vision. However, if we work in a lab or other hands-on tech industry, we’re often required to wear safety glasses. Wear our 3M Nuvo Reader Bifocal Safety Glasses to ensure you meet the tech lab’s safety requirements, while reducing eye strain.

#5:DIY Life – Doesn’t it seem like there’s an endless list of tasks to take on at home? From cutting the grass to painting the ceiling, you’ve got quite a list, and you’re ready to tackle it head-on. But hold up – if you wear glasses, even reading glasses, you need to ensure your vision is crystal clear during those home makeover tasks. Our PIP Lady Eva Women’s Bifocal Safety Glasses are perfect for the diy ladies out there, and our Pyramex V2 Bifocal Safety Glasses are a comfortable and affordable option for the men of the house.

Aging is meant to be celebrated, with each year bringing new experience and wisdom. We need to extend that wisdom to our vision and choose Bifocal Safety Glasses for a safe and productive take on all of our work and home tasks. 

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