Take Time to Focus on Eye Health & Safety

With a national focus on eye safety and UV safety during the month of July, now is a great time to focus on and assess your approach to eye safety and UV protection. [...]

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Why Do Sunglasses Make My Eyes Tired?

The symptoms are unmistakable. Sore, irritated eyes. Difficulty focusing. Dry or watery eyes. Blurred or double vision. Sensitivity to light. Headache. Tired eyes plague everyone at some point. Most of the time, eye fatigue (also [...]

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5 Most Common Types of Eye Injuries

Eye Injuries Happen Way Too Often Over 2.5 million eye injuries happen every year in the United States with 50,000 people losing at least partial vision. Of that 2.5 million, almost 18% are [...]

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5 Ways Bifocal Safety Glasses Magnify Your Safety And Productivity

We all gain wisdom as we age. Unfortunately, our vision usually doesn't improve with that passing of time and instead often declines. The culprit? Usually presbyopia, or aging eye condition. Presbyopia results in [...]

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Benefits of Copper, Orange, Yellow And Brown Lens Tints

Overall Benefits Copper, orange, yellow/amber and brown lens tints make an environment appear brighter and are commonly used in low-light conditions. These lens tints significantly block blue light and enhance contrast and depth perception making them helpful for [...]

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Preventing Construction Site Injuries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the following regarding construction sites in 2013: Out of 4,101 worker fatalities in the private industry, about 20% (828) were in construction. The "Fatal Four" causes of [...]

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Women’s Eye Health & Safety Month

Many women find themselves responsible for their family's health and wellness, but they often neglect their own. This definitely includes eye health and safety. Women's Eye Health provides the following statistics to help understand [...]

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New Year’s Eye Safety Resolutions

New Year's resolutions abound this time of year, covering every aspect of improving yourself from eating and fitness to organizing and relationships. Yet, even though about 2,000 workers a day suffer eye injury [...]

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Promoting Children’s Eye Health

Kids are back to school with all the necessary supplies. Fall sports are underway with all the required gear. It's a positive start to the school year, ready to be the best one [...]

By | September 20th, 2013|Safety Tips|2 Comments

Workplace Eye Wellness Month

In order to prevent the over 25,000 eye injuries occurring each year, eye safety must be a daily priority in the workplace. To help in that prevention effort, Prevent Blindness America has declared [...]

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