Students Practice Eye Safety at Agriculture Awareness Day

Agriculture is a key component in North Carolina's income and workforce, particularly in Greene County.  Here, it is their number one industry.  Cotton, peanuts, tobacco, wheat, corn, soy, sweet potatoes, poultry, dairy and livestock help to make up … [Read more...]

Safety First for High School Robotics Team

I've been a part of the safety eyewear industry for several years now, though admittedly, "robot building" doesn't immediately bring to mind thoughts of safety or safety glasses. But don't tell that to a group of students of Walton High School in … [Read more...]

Ten Years and Counting… We Thank YOU, Our Customer.

If you've ever taken a business course, or simply been told by one of your know-it-all friends (who is probably still looking for a job) that your can't miss business idea "won't work", you may already know that, statistically, most small start-up … [Read more...]

St. Joseph County Fair, Exhibit a Success

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You Spoke. We Listened.

Customer service and customer satisfaction is and has always been a top priority for Safety Glasses USA. We understand that it is the satisfied customer who allows a retailer to maintain its status, if not actually grow in today's tough economy. For … [Read more...]