Students Practice Eye Safety at Agriculture Awareness Day

Agriculture Awareness Day

Third Graders sporting their Radians Mirage Small safety glasses.

Agriculture is a key component in North Carolina’s income and workforce, particularly in Greene County.  Here, it is their number one industry.  Cotton, peanuts, tobacco, wheat, corn, soy, sweet potatoes, poultry, dairy and livestock help to make up the farming business that is so critical to the county’s survival.  Despite its importance, it seems at least one organization believes that the county’s youth should be much more aware of all that its top industry encompasses.  Thus, in 2012, The Green County Cooperative Extension had its first Agriculture Awareness Day.

On site at a local farm, about 200 third grade students learned about farm safety, nutrition, livestock, soil, insects, poisonous plants, seeds, water and more.  The event was such a hit, they plan to continue this designated day of awareness each year.

Pictured are the third graders sporting their Radians Mirage Small safety glasses from

To learn more about The Green County Cooperative Extension, you may click here:

Safety First for High School Robotics Team

I’ve been a part of the safety eyewear industry for several years now, though admittedly, “robot building” doesn’t immediately bring to mind thoughts of safety or safety glasses. But don’t tell that to a group of students of Walton High School in Marietta, Georgia.

The Walton Robotics Team is about to participate for their third year in the FIRST® Robotics Competition. As explained in the video below and by student programmer and Executive Director Tyler Durkota,

“The mission of the Walton Robotics Team is to educate, inspire, and provide opportunities in the areas of engineering, leadership, and service. We aim to change the perception of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) through collaboration and encouragement, while having fun. Our team promotes the expansion of literacy and the safe application of skills in order to affect a positive change.

Tyler also pointed out,

“We place a very large emphasis on safety in our team. We have a red-taped line in our build site that nobody is allowed to cross without safety glasses. We also have mandatory safety training, and about 1/4 of the members on our team are OSHA certified.”

The robotics team looked to Safety Glasses USA as their supplier for the safety glasses.  Said imprint specialist Denise Milliman, “the team wanted a style that was economical but also effective and comfortable.  They also wanted something with a personal touch, so we had their team logo imprinted on one temple, and our company logo on the other.  It’s always nice to get an excited reaction from customers  when they receive their glasses.  They really turned out sharp.”  Durkota apparently agreed, and had this to say upon receiving them:

“They are fantastic! We will be sure to put them to good use. Our roster has grown significantly from last year, and now we have the necessary equipment to keep them safe.”

He again emphasized,

“Safety is paramount to our team. We are currently training our new members in our general safety course, and will soon be using the glasses very frequently.”

The 2011 season kicks off in January.  Safety Glasses USA wishes the Walton Robotics Team the best of luck.

Ten Years and Counting… We Thank YOU, Our Customer.

If you’ve ever taken a business course, or simply been told by one of your know-it-all friends (who is probably still looking for a job) that your can’t miss business idea “won’t work”, you may already know that, statistically, most small start-up businesses do fail within the first five years. The successful entrepreneurs able to overcome the stats and doubters, do so largely because they’ve nailed at least three of these keys to success:  having a product people need or want (hopefully repeatedly); a method or vehicle to market that product effectively and efficiently to your target buyers; fair prices; and good customer support. Sure, many other business aspects exist to enhance and polish your company and to put it among the elite of your industry, but these are the core principles. It wasn’t that long ago that “location, location, location” would have been among the key ingredients, but in today’s world of e-commerce, you can bring your business to your customers, wherever they may be. And that’s exactly what has helped make so successful.

As the company celebrates its ten full years in business this month, there has to be some joy knowing that it has beaten the odds, twice over, and is not looking back.  The company has seen steady growth each year, and has gradually become one of the premier online resources for personal protective eyewear and equipment.  And it’s only going to get better.  New plans for continued enhancement and improvement for customers’ shopping experiences are always in development.  Specific details will be announced as they are rolled out.

For now, let’s enjoy the moment, as Safety Glasses USA celebrates its 10th anniversary, and recognizes its key to success:  wonderful, loyal customers.  To show appreciation to those who have supported the business along the way, everything on is 10% OFF for the rest of October.  Thank you again for your support, as we look forward to the next 10 years.