Why Buy “Made in the USA”?

Made In USA

It’s when dollars spent on American-made products stay in America that we all benefit.

Safety Glasses USA, being a veteran-owned company, proudly celebrated Armed Forces Day last week; but we celebrate our Made in the USA brands every day! And since it’s getting to be that hot time of year when showing your patriotism is oh-so cool, wouldn’t you feel great in a fabulous new pair of eyewear that helped an American family bring home the bacon?

The truth is that there are many very serious reasons to consider buying U.S.-manufactured goods. Here are a few we believe are most important:

When you buy American …

  • you not only support American business owners, but also American workers, safe working conditions, and child labor laws.
  • you help grow America’s economy and foster American independence.
  • you’re leaving a cleaner world to our children. U.S. manufacturing processes are much friendlier to the environment than many other countries whose practices are unregulated, dangerous, and highly polluting.
  • you support the idea of a honest day’s wages for an honest day’s work rather than an economy built on the backs of an exploited, underpaid, overworked population.
  • you can feel confident that American consumer protection laws and safety standards protect your family.
  • you keep your family, friends, neighbors, and yourself earning a living wage. Innovative firms prove that job creation, manufacturing pride, and advances in technology will help the U.S. weather this challenging economy and once again become a thriving economy.

The Importance of Patriotic Spending

For the longest time, factory jobs were a chance for a family to step into the middle class and afford the next generation greater opportunities. Over the last several decades however, the U.S. let countless manufacturing jobs slip overseas. This has caused our knowledge base to shrink, and an unstable manufacturing sector to result.

And although middle class Americans are most at-risk, we should all be concerned about buying American — because why would anyone choose to support companies that cause hardships for U.S. families? When each manufacturing job creates 5-8 additional jobs — such as suppliers, accountants, technical support, distributors, sales personnel, and more — when the middle class loses jobs, their buying power decreases. U.S. companies go out of business and American families’ ability to purchase goods and services evaporates.

But, when Americans buy from U.S. companies, demand increases. Rising demand results in more factories and plants, job opportunities open up, and Americans once again gain an economic footing. Buying power rises, and American businesses and their employees regain financial health.

The power of change is in our wallets. We are in control of our country’s future every time we make a purchase. So choose wisely!

Safety Glasses USA‘s Made in the USA Products

  • Eyewear – The only styles and brands you’d want no matter where in the world they were made — so lucky for us they’re made right here! Check out our Oakley, Smith Elite, and Wiley X lines, just to name a few!
  • Goggles – Many jobs, hobbies, and environments require the protection and features only safety goggles can provide. That’s why our selection meets almost any need.
  • ANSI Z87+ Safety Glasses and Goggles – With 3M, ESS, Oakley, Radians, Revisions, Uvex, Universal, and Wiley X to choose from, how can you go wrong?
  • Hearing Protection – Products made by only the best: DeWalt, EAR, Elvex, Moldex, and Radians.
  • Hard Hats – Provide vital head protection while on the job. Our durable and comfortable hard hats are from the manufacturers you know and trust.
  • Respirators – Moldex respirators don’t just look different, they are different. Easy to put on and fit, the contoured shape doesn’t require constant adjustment. They resist collapsing in heat and humidity as well. Moldex also has the only complete line of PVC-free respiratory products.
  • Accessories – Chums Breakaway Retainers, DuraChum Kevlar Retainers, Chums Original Cotton Retainers, SafetyChum Retainers, Pre-moistened Lens Cleaning Towelettes, and Super Strength Anti-Fog Spray.

Five Simple Steps to Promote Patriotic Spending

  • The key: buy products made in the USA!
  • Go to MadeInUSA.com to find and purchase American-made products.
  • If you don’t see the products you want in the stores where you shop, ask them to start stocking them.
  • Promote Patriotic Spending by spreading the word to family and friends.
  • Teach future generations the importance of Patriotic Spending. Their future jobs and way of life are at stake.

It’s when dollars spent on American-made products stay in America that we all benefit. Patriotic Spending protects stable, quality jobs. The money we earn comes back to us again and again. This is called “Recycling Dollars”, and it’s a concept that will make our economy strong again.

“This is a Severe Weather Alert!” Emergency Kit? Check. Helmets?… Huh??

For most parents, the mantra “Put your helmet on!” quickly becomes a routine refrain. And though different parents have different family rules, outside of sports where helmets are part of the uniform, I’ve seen kids wearing helmets on bikes, roller blades, skate boards, skis, snowboards, toboggans, ripsticks, horses, snowmobiles, ice skates, rock walls, dirt bikes, scooters, and more.

So why not during severe weather events then — like tornado and hurricane warnings — when there’s a high likelihood that heavy projectiles could come flying straight at your kids’ heads?? The answer seems almost universal: “I don’t know. I never even thought about it before. But it sure makes a lot of sense!”

This is a timely topic, because perhaps you heard the news story about the Stewart Family’s tornado ordeal about two weeks ago, April 27. A series of devastating tornadoes killed more than 300 people across the Southeast that day, and Jonathan Stewart was just one of many people who raced the storm to get home to his family. He found his wife, adult daughter, and 8-year-old son taking shelter in their small shower stall just minutes before they felt the house become weightless and heard a gigantic explosion.

AP Photo Caption: Noah Stewart shelters in the closet just 15 minutes before an April 2012 tornado demolished his house. Wearing the helmet may have saved his life, one doctor says.

“I remember being sucked out of the house,” Jonathan said. “It was not like being blown about. It was not walls blowing around. It was like a vacuum, and it sucked us out.” His wife, Lisa, recalls the terrifying sight of her 8-year-old, Noah, “… up in the air. I actually saw him stuck up inside it [inside the tornado] … being tossed around as high as the power lines.” Twisting, flying, held up by the force of the tornado’s tremendous energy, Noah remembers, “… and then the wind just immediately stopped, and I was going down headfirst, and then I think my helmet just cracked.”

That’s right. His helmet. Noah had put on his Little League baseball helmet with the strap and face guard — and it may have just saved his life, according to his emergency room doctor. Because Noah was the only family member wearing protective headgear that night, in pictures later, Noah’s face appears fine, while his parents look like they went 5 rounds with a professional cage fighter.

In fact, most of the 60 children ER Dr. Mark Baker treated for storm-related injuries that night suffered some form of head trauma. “Children’s heads are relatively large compared to the rest of their body. So during a tornado, where they’re thrown by the wind, or an object is thrown into them, or a building collapses, it is most frequently the head that is injured,” he says.

The doctors at Children’s Hospital decided the time was overdue for getting this news out. Working with a local television meteorologist, they produced a PSA to spread the word that helmets help save lives during weather emergencies. Others stepped forward to help raise awareness too. At a recent Birmingham Barons baseball game in Alabama, 125 bicycle helmets were given away as part of this new emergency preparedness campaign.

While standing in line with their three kids for free helmets, one Trussville, Alabama family summed it up for most of us: “We didn’t even think about it … and then we started hearing how much safer it was … that you should wear them, and so we were like … ‘Why didn’t we do this before?’ I don’t know why. It’s such a great idea! It just never occurred to us.”

Even the CDC has taken up the cry, as this Friday, May 4 headline states: CDC Urges Helmet use in Severe Weather: “Families should consider adding helmets to their storm survival kits, federal officials said Thursday. While getting to shelter quickly is most important when a tornado is on the way, a readily available helmet might also be helpful. The CDC issued its statement in response to reported incidents of children surviving tornadoes while wearing bicycle, football, or baseball helmets.”

Besides Helmets, What Else Should Be in Your Family’s Emergency Survival Kit?

Safety Glasses USA has written excellent articles on emergency preparedness. “Are You Prepared For An Emergency? 5 Steps To Be Sure” and “Pencil in Safety Glasses on Your Emergency Kit Checklist” are two great ones.

Besides some sort of helmet for each family member then, a pair of safety goggles for each person is also vitally important. Adult-sized goggles are critical to parents’ ability to keep the rest of the family safe by ensuring that debris blown into their eyes by high winds won’t impede their ability to take action and make potentially life-saving decisions.

Small safety goggles for children and adults with smaller faces are also available and have straps that tighten around small heads. Additionally, these have anti-fog lenses and meet ANSI Z87.1-2010 standards as well.

Other necessities include:

  • Three gallons of water for each person
  • At least a three day supply of non-perishable food
  • Battery powered or hand crank radio
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Emergency cell phone, charged
  • Extra doses of your prescription medication
  • Warm blankets

Follow this advice, and your family will be as safe as possible during severe weather. And thank you Noah Stewart, for teaching all of us such an incredibly simple, incredibly important, life-saving lesson.

Eye Protection and Sun Safety When Rock Climbing

So here’s an excellent question: why do people rock climb anyway? They rip up their hands, they’re covered with scabs, and they scare the wits out of themselves on a regular basis.

Rock Climbing

On the other hand, avid climbers will tell you there’s nothing else in the world like learning to trust your body enough to reposition correctly while virtually hanging in thin air; practicing creativity and concentration; overcoming your fear of the void; learning to adapt to what mother nature offers; not to mention, the many benefits of this intense whole-body workout.

Plus, because climbing is both an individual sport and a social one, you learn plenty about yourself, as well as the people you climb with. When you’re on the rock, you rely on your own skills to get to the top; but if you should happen to fall, you’re trusting your climbing partner with your life. This creates very strong bonds — different than any other kind that exist in your life.

But it’s also about discovering the natural world. Climbing takes you to some of the most beautiful places on the planet and never fails to offer a unique perspective on the world below — and the world within. As you can see, rock climbing is something very, very special for those who are inspired to take it up as a hobby — often quickly turning into their life passion.

Your Passion Deserves Eye Protection

It doesn’t take much imagination to understand that rock climbing requires some pretty fierce eye protection. Climbers contend with the glare of the blazing sun reflecting off the shear rock face, they have tiny (and not so tiny) particles of debris continually falling into their upturned faces, and they’re often drilling holes and chiseling rock to anchor new bolts — or digging out old, unsafe ones — all while blowing away rock dust while they work. So do you think — just perhaps — that a pretty great pair of protective, polarized, 100% UVA/B/C sunglasses might in order?

Top Five Rock Climbing Eyewear Recommendations:

  • Oakley Fives Squared Sunglasses – “If ordinary sunglasses just don’t fit, Fives Squared is the answer. Unlike conventional sunglasses that stick out at the sides, this frame uses Condensed Cranial Geometry for a tapered architecture that feels as good as it looks, and it’s a look that soaks sophistication in adrenalin.”
  • Oakley Half Jackets Sunglasses – “Performance, protection and comfort are sculpted into a new dimension of style with an interchangeable lens design that keeps you a step ahead of changing light conditions. The latest evolution wraps your vision in the razor-sharp clarity of High Definition Optics® (HDO®). Wherever your sport takes you, you’ll have the all-day comfort of a lightweight design that can take punishing abuse while serving up premium optical technology.”
  • Oakley M Frames – “Maintain optical clarity with lens contours that enhance side protection from sun, wind, and impact. Stress-resistant O MATTER frames are engineered with a critical degree of flexibility to absorb impact. PLUTONITE lenses are impact resistant and offer added protection by filtering out 100% of UVA/B/C and harmful blue light.”
  • Oakley Wires – “Stems with UNOBTAINIUM® increase grip with sweat, and are crafted with smooth contours and titanium MONO SHOCK™ hinges that allow for hyper-flex when the world comes at you head-on and dares to make contact. A lightweight blend of five metal compounds offer durability that keeps comfort at the top of the list. The Three-Point Fit eliminates pressure points, because life has enough of those already.”
  • Oakley Racing Jacket Sunglasses – “Adapt and conquer with Oakley Switchlock™ Technology for fast and easy lens changing to optimize your vision for your environment. And when G-forces strike you, the retaining strap makes sure the frame stays put. Two sets of lenses are included (one for bright light and one for low light), and you’ll have High Definition Optics® (HDO®) to go along with the performance, comfort, and protection of ultra-premium sport eyewear.”

It’s important to remember that while hanging off the edge of a rock by your fingertips and toes, it may be more difficult to quickly and safely move away from the trajectory of a falling projectile. Moreover, the risk of eye injury increases when practicing any high risk sport.

The most frequent eye injuries suffered by rock climbers include:

  • Corneal abrasions – scratches and cuts
  • Wounds caused by a blunt falling object – such as the impact from a rock or a fumbled piece of equipment being held overhead
  • Wounds caused by a penetrating object – such as a sharp tool or bolt.

The right climbing glasses protect you from UV rays and glare, falling debris, wind, and impact. However, to prevent injuries, always ensure a correct safe fit. Climbers should try on their glasses with their helmet to be certain they fit firmly without pressing too hard. If your glasses move or slide on your face while climbing, you increase your risk of injury due to the distraction of unstable glasses instead of concentrating on your climb. You can be guaranteed Safety Glasses USA will work with you to find the perfect-fitting pair of super-stylish, safe and protective climbing glasses to enhance your love of your favorite sport.