New Elvex Reflect-Specs Hi-Viz Safety Glasses

Elvex Reflect-Specs

Elvex Reflect-Specs will help you be seen in low-light conditions.

Elvex has launched a new safety glasses innovation that helps increase worker visibility at night and low-light conditions. The new Elvex Reflect-Specs feature a patented frame design that integrates a reflective panel into the temple arms. This highly reflective panel adds an extra level of visibility and safety for workers who need to be seen.

Why Reflect-Specs?
Just like you see jogger’s running shoes reflecting light at night, when retro-flective panels are moving, they are more likely to be seen. Since workers are always moving their head during work activities, this motion greatly increases the ‘flashing’ of the retro-flective panels on Reflect-Specs and increases visibility and safety of workers.


  • Super lightweight 0.9 oz. polycarbonate frame.
  • 10 degree base curved polycarbonate lens for a tighter wrap and improved protection.
  • Integrated nose-piece for increased comfort.
  • Rubber tipped temples for increased comfort and reduced slipping.
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 standards.
  • Available in Clear, Clear Anti-Fog, Amber and Indoor/Outdoor lenses.
Elvex Reflect-Specs in Action

Even a poor iPhone picture demonstrates the increased visibility provided by the reflective panels.

Suggested Uses:

  • Road Construction
  • Utility Workers
  • Mining
  • Airport Workers
  • Emergency Responder
  • Jogging & Bike Riding


Video: Elvex Go-Specs II Review

The Elvex Go-Specs II have become very popular with customers looking for foam padded eye protection. With the unique ability to change from safety glasses to goggles by removing the temple arms and attaching a goggle strap. This allows customers to use the Go-Spec II’s as a goggle or spectacle depending on their situation.

The foam padded frame provides extra protection for wind and airborne particles, while enhancing comfort. OSHA compliance isn’t an issue as the Go-Specs II meet ANSI Z87.1-2010, CE EN-166 and Military Ballistic Standards.

Style without the Squint – Introducing Gatorz Ely Sunglasses

Gatorz Ely2 Sunglasses

The Ely2 features a bold, retro style with intense, striking lens colors and detailing along the arms.

Squinting in the sun just isn’t cool. Whether you’re strolling down the boardwalk or riding your board on the terrain park, don’t let the harsh rays of the sunshine make you lose your cool – instead, say “see ya later alligator” to the sun, and throw on your Gatorz Sunglasses! We’re proud to now carry the Gatorz Ely 2, but oh, the original Ely sunglasses are so hip, too. Let’s take a break from safety glasses for a few minutes and share the latest on sunglasses for beating that winter and summer sun!

“Style” is typically the first word that comes to mind when laying eyes on Gatorz sunglasses, like the Gatorz Ely Sunglasses with a black frame and sunburst lens. They’re crafted in Italy, with intense, striking lens colors and detailing along the arms. These are sunglasses that will not only complement your style, but enhance it – in the form of a single pair of Gatorz sunglasses!

Impact Resistant Lens
All Gatorz Ely Sunglasses feature an impact resistant, polycarbonate lens. Sure, they’re not ANSI Z87.1-2003 certified, but these polycarbonate lenses can take the heat. You don’t want to lose your cool on the mountain from snow flying in your eyes, or salt water splashing up at the beach. Rely on your Gatorz – and look so stylish in the Gatorz Ely 2 Sunglasses with a black/lime frame and a multi-layer green lens.

There’s no denying that the Gatorz Ely sunglasses collection is the epitome of hip. Yet, Gatorz isn’t a new company by any means – they come equipped with over twenty years of optical knowledge and technical know-how, and they’re right on in crafting quality eyewear that you actually feel confident wearing.

Isn’t it always a little cooler if it’s vintage? If the frame styles on Gatorz glasses, like the Gatorz Ely Sunglasses with purple lenses or the Gatorz Ely 2 Sunglasses with red lenses look familiar, they are. The Gatorz team discovered leftover stock from the 1990s, and retooled them to feature modern technology blended with a vintage style.

You want sunglasses that will shield your face from the sun and elements – without them shielding your style. Gatorz Ely Sunglasses – and the new Gatorz Ely 2 Sunglasses, are designed with a vintage edge and technology that’s modern through and through. Face the sun and retro style head on with Gatorz sunglasses.