New Uvex Stealth Reader Goggles

Uvex Stealth Reader Goggle

Uvex Stealth Reader Goggles feature a bifocal lens.

Bifocal Safety Glasses have been around for a few years now and have become extremely popular in the safety industry. They combine the required impact protection for the majority of today’s work environments and the convenience of reading glasses. However they do not provide adequate protection from liquid splash or large volumes of dust, these hazards are better left to goggles.  The problem with goggles in the past is they didn’t have bifocal versions, but Uvex has solved that problem.

The Uvex Stealth, one of the most popular goggles on the market, has expanded to include reading magnifier lenses. The first of its kind, the Uvex Stealth Reader Goggle offers modern design, technology and materials with and extensive range of five magnification strengths.  The Stealth Reader Goggle is a perfect match for someone who needs the protection of a goggle, but also needs magnification to see fine details or close-up inspection.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Five diopter strengths from +1.0 to +3.0 magnification.
  • Soft elastomer body conforms to facial contours for a secure, gap-free fit.
  • Low profile, wrap-around style provides excellent vision and complete coverage.
  • Wide adjustable headband with pivoting clips for a secure comfortable fit.
  • Economical lens replacement system
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010
  • Certified to CSA Z94.3 standard.
  • Made in USA.

New TapouT Sunglasses Now Available

tapout sunglasses

TapouT Armbar is one of many new Tapout Sunglass styles

MMA fans will recognize the TapouT brand immediately as their clothing has been proudly worn by many fight-frenzied fans over the years. TapouT also sponsors some of the best MMA fighters in the world and is often credited with bringing MMA sports into the mainstream. TapouT has produced their first official line of sunglasses and as usual, took a no-holds-barred approach to the designs. Using high quality lenses, frames and hardware TapouT has produced a line of sunglasses that rivals more expensive brands with an extensive array of high-end features. At the same time they’ve been able to keep the prices low enough so they’re also extremely affordable.

Key Features:

Blocks out 100% of the harmful UV-A, UV-B and blue light. This polycarbonate lens technology is engineered into the actual lens, so it can’t be diminished by rubbing or scratching. The Heliospheric lens is impact and shatter resistant to provide distortion free optics. These lenses are available in Magnum Grey and Olympia Bronze.

Heighten your visual experience with TapouT Heliospheric polarized lens. The lightweight and impact resistant polarized lens reduces unwanted glare by blocking out all angles of scattered and reflective light from snow, water and urban man-made landscapes. The optically correct Heliospheric polarized lens blocks 100% of the harmful UV-A, UV-B and blue light and is the clear choice for all of your outdoor activities.

TPR is a rubber material that resists oil and sweat. The no-sweat nose and temple grips will keep your shades in place, even in the heat of battle.

Retains its shape and flexibility under all extreme weather conditions, while providing a strong, durable shatter resistant frame. The lightweight, shock resistant Thermo-Carbonate frame has built-in elastomers that will allow the frame to bounce back to its original shape and withstand impacts.

The acetate process allows more creativity and gives the frame a unique style with more vibrant color combinations. Each frame begins on a laminated sheet, routed and hand shaped. The wire-injected temple cores, logos and hinges are hand-set to perfection to create a fine piece of art.

This hinge adds comfort and is more durable than a standard optical hinge.

With such a robust listing of features you can see why I believe TapouT Sunglasses are going to be a big hit. In fact, come summer time, I wouldn’t be surprised if the inventory for these glasses dries up under high demand. So if you’re interested in grabbing a pair of TapouT Sunglasses for yourself, I would recommend purchasing a pair sooner than later. Because once the sunshine and hot weather rolls in, they may be hard to come by.

New Radians Hi-Viz Safety Jackets

Stay warm, dry and visible with Radians Hi-Viz Safety Jackets this winter. These Class 3 reflective jackets are available in four different configurations with tons of features and conveniences. Choose a Bomber Jacket or Parka style each featuring a zip-out removable fleece lining for maximum versatility, weather resistant outer & inner shell, Pockets for radio and cell phone, tabs for microphones, hidden detachable hood and much more. These jackets are rated ANSI Class 3 with 2″ of silver high visibility reflective tape. Jackets can also be custom imprinted.

Radians Hi-Viz Bomber Jacket Exterior

Radians Hi-Viz Bomber Jacket Exterior

Radians Hi-Viz Bomber Jacket Interior

Radians Hi-Viz Bomber Jacket Interior

Radians Hi-Viz Parka Exterior

Radians Hi-Viz Parka Exterior

Radians Hi-Viz Parka Interior

Radians Hi-Viz Parka Interior