Decorative Contact Lenses

From athletes to pop stars and Halloween costumes to fashion accessories, decorative contact lenses have caught the eye of many people. Not surprisingly, decorative contact lens sales increase significantly at Halloween as many look for that unique … [Read more...]

Respecting the Autumn Sun

With the arrival of cooler weather and less daylight, many people underestimate the impact of the Autumn sunshine. That’s often because many don’t realize that “when the sun is low in the sky during Autumn months the total amount of UV radiation your … [Read more...]

Preventing & Reducing the Spread of the Flu at Work

While anyone can get the flu any time of year, we're especially susceptible during the fall and winter months. That means… welcome to flu season! For businesses and their employees, flu season often means absenteeism and reduced productivity. … [Read more...]

Home Eye Safety Awareness

At some point every year, a variety of safety topics receive their annual emphasis because they consistently rise to the top as safety concerns. One such area involves eye safety at home, and it’s actually one of the biggest eye safety concerns for … [Read more...]

Why Do Safety Glasses Hurt My Eyes

Safety Glasses Hurt My Eyes A common complaint, “safety glasses hurt my eyes” frustrates many safety professionals as well as the workers who say it. Related complaints include those involving poor vision, headaches, pinched noses and ear pain while … [Read more...]