Crews ForceFlex Awarded New Product of the Year

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Safety First for High School Robotics Team

I've been a part of the safety eyewear industry for several years now, though admittedly, "robot building" doesn't immediately bring to mind thoughts of safety or safety glasses. But don't tell that to a group of students of Walton High School in … [Read more...]

Ten Years and Counting… We Thank YOU, Our Customer.

If you've ever taken a business course, or simply been told by one of your know-it-all friends (who is probably still looking for a job) that your can't miss business idea "won't work", you may already know that, statistically, most small start-up … [Read more...]

St. Joseph County Fair, Exhibit a Success

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Safety Glasses & Tarantulas?

Docs advise handling tarantulas with care, safety glasses after pet shoots hairs into owner's eye. A British man is still suffering discomfort nearly a year after his pet tarantula shot some of its sharp hairs into his eye, prompting doctors to warn … [Read more...]