Marking Requirements for Ballistic Eyewear Are Still Forthcoming

No Marking System "How Can You Identify Ballistic Eyewear?" details how to differentiate between civilian (ANSI) and ballistic (military) standards. The article also discusses where to find and identify ballistic-rated safety eyewear. Though [...]

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5 Technology Trends in Workplace Safety

Technology seems to continually advance, almost without us realizing it's happening. Trends appear, and we often wonder when they started and where they came from. “Technology advancements are like water rising at the [...]

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Take Time to Focus on Eye Health & Safety

Emphasizing Eye Health & Safety The American Academy of Ophthalmology lists 12 Eye Health Observances, one for every month of the year. Their emphasis on eye health and safety serves to remind everyone [...]

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The Sporty Girl’s Guide To Women’s Sunglasses

You transition effortlessly from the sweat of the tennis court or adventure of the shooting range to a chic lounge or hip hotspot. At least you make it look effortless! Style and beauty are [...]

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Photochromic Eyewear and Safety

What Is Photochromic Eyewear? Photochromic eyewear features lenses that automatically darken when exposed to ultraviolet light. When removed from that UV light, the lenses return to their transparent state. This "automatic lens tint" [...]

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