Smith Optics Elite and Kryptek Create Limited Edition Sunglasses

Recently the Smith Optics Elite Division teamed up with Kryptek Outdoor Group to create the first pair of sunglasses to feature Kryptek's Highlander camouflage pattern.  Based upon the popular Smith Elite Lockwood sunglasses, which [...]

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Introducing Oakley’s NEW Prizm Lens Technology

Oakley's NEW Standard Issue Prizmâ„¢ Lenses for its shooting and tactical line of glasses provides peak performance that starts with razor-sharp focus. This new lens enhances the ability of the human eye to adapt and to see with sharpness while providing protection and comfort for wearers.

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Airsoft Safety, Part 1

Airsoft History Proper eye protection is critical when participating in Airsoft competitions. Airsoft as we know it today essentially began in Japan in the 1980s. Over time, and with the help [...]

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Aim For The Right Decibel Levels In Shooting Earmuffs Protection

A friend of ours here at recently went to the shooting range for the first time. She was lucky enough to have the safety enthusiasts on staff here tell her exactly what [...]

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Fishing: A Dangerous Sport?

According to the National Eye Institute, sports and recreational-related eye injuries result in an estimated 100,000 physician visits costing over $175 per year in the U.S. alone. The Coalition to Prevent Sports Eye [...]

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Play A Better Round Of Golf With Golf Sunglasses

We can't exactly promise you'll go from hitting into the ruff to a hole-in-one, but we've heard from many golfing customers of ours on just how wearing the right Golf Sunglasses has helped improve [...]

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Spring Break Sunglasses: Protect Your Eyes and Look Good at the Same Time

Spring is almost here, and for many people that means time to make plans for a Spring Break trip. The most popular trip destinations are those that are warm and sunny, [...]

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Understanding U.S. Military Eye Protection (MCEP) Standard

The Military Combat Eye Protection Program (MCEPP) was established to validate and authorize protective eyewear for use by military personnel, and it works to improve soldier acceptance of authorized protective eyewear [...]

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The Best of Safety Glasses USA 2011! Part 1

In case you missed any of's fabulous and informative blogs this year, here's Part I of a two-part recap of the best postings of 2011! January: Mike Eldridge, President of [...]

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Extreme Website Makeover:

To help our customers transition to our new-look, we wanted to offer a breakdown of the changes made to

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