Eyewear AccessoriesOne reason people fail to wear safety gear is because of some seemingly unresolved problems encountered when wearing them. Another reason is accessibility. Fortunately, safety accessories can help resolve some of these issues.

Consider the following 6 safety eyewear accessories and the solutions they provide:

  1. Cases & Pouches: Cases & pouches keep eyewear safe and secure when not being worn. Many even double as a cleaning cloth. Some cases, such as the Wiley-X TS-235 Hard Case, provide additional room for storage of extra lenses and other needed items. When eyewear stays in good working condition, it is much more likely to be worn. Also, having all your eyewear gear close at hand makes wearing the appropriate gear much more likely.
  2. Eyewear Dispensers:  About 90% of eye injuries could be prevented by wearing proper safety eyewear. Not exactly an accessory, but close enough, an eyewear dispenser makes eyewear accessible which makes wearing it much more likely. Keeping the dispenser in convenient locations both at home and in the workplace makes it an essential accessory.
  3. Lens Cleaning/Defogging Products: A clean lens is a safe lens. So, keeping lenses clear of smudges and fog by using products such as Super Strength Anti-Fog Spray and Opti Magic Optical Cleaner and Polish can make sure lenses provide the best vision possible.
  4. Neck Cords: While sometimes making a fashion statement, the more practical purpose of neck cords is to help protect and conveniently store your eyewear. When eyewear is within reach, it’s more likely to be worn. Additionally, cords add convenience when glasses must be taken on and off frequently.
  5. Sideshields: Safety shields come in a variety of styles from temporary ones that protect from light particles and droplets but are not rated for impact protection to those that auto-adjust for fit, provide impact protection and provide UV protection. Adding sideshields to current safety eyewear can significantly increase eye protection in a simple, easy and effective way.
  6. LED Lights: LED lights that fasten onto safety eyewear can free up your hands not only making you better able to do your work but able to do it more safely because you’re not also struggling to hold a flashlight. LED safety lights come in a variety of options, allowing them to fit virtually every type of eyewear. Some even fasten to safety helmets!

While not exactly an accessory, let’s look at one more add-on that can provide another way to help keeps eyes safe and healthy, emergency eyewash.

A big cause of permanent eye damage comes from chemicals splashing into the eyes, both at home and in the workplace. Having an emergency eyewash station can save valuable time, especially when you consider that eyes stand a much greater chance of recovery from chemical splash when flushed immediately after exposure.

The first line of safety to protect eyes lies with consistently wearing safety eyewear. Adding some of the above accessories can go a long way in increasing the effectiveness of that safety eyewear.