Video: How to install the ESS P-2B Rx Insert

ESS P-2B Rx Insert

ESS P-2B Rx Insert

The ESS ICE safety glasses series is one of our more popular military/ballistic styles and for good reason. They’re extremely durable, provide military grade impact protection and accommodate a wide variety of facial profiles. Plus they can be fitted with the P-2B universal Rx insert, which allows prescription lens to be installed into ESS ICE, Crossbow safety glasses and Profile Goggles.

Our customer service reps field many questions on a daily basis with one of the most popular being how to correctly install the P-2B Rx insert. As you can imagine, trying to demonstrate this over the phone or via email can be somewhat difficult. Since pictures are worth a thousand words we figure a video must be worth ten thousand, so here’s a short video tutorial we put together on installing the P-2B Rx insert.

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