Play A Better Round Of Golf With Golf Sunglasses

We can’t exactly promise you’ll go from hitting into the ruff to a hole-in-one, but we’ve heard from many golfing customers of ours on just how wearing the right Golf Sunglasses has helped improve their game. After all, we play better when our eyes are more focused on that tee, and keeping our eyes alert and in tune with the tee are just what golf sunglasses intend to do!

Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses

Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses

Reduce Eye Fatigue – Squinting into the sun can easily cause your eyes to dry and feel tired, and you’re certainly not at your best when suffering from eye fatigue. Instead, give your eyes some relief by wearing polarized golf sunglasses. They block out those bright UV rays that threaten a squint-free view of the tee, and help you keep your focus on the fairway, rather than that dreadful ruff.

Light Optimized Lenses – The light is very different when you’re swinging that club at 7am or later on in the afternoon at 3pm. Fortunately, golf sunglasses come in a variety of different lens colors that can help optimize your vision during those different tee times. For early morning games, wear a pair of our Yellow Lens Edge Kazbek Golf Sunglasses to brighten your frame of vision. For afternoon tee times, wear our Fire Iridium Oakley Half Jacket Golf Sunglasses that perform best in medium to bright light.

Impact Resistant – Golf may not be a contact sport, but if you’ve ever come in contact with an errant golf ball, it certainly feels like it is! Several models of our golf sunglasses do indeed meet U.S. Military eyewear ballistic impact resistance requirements, helping you stay safer on the course. Check out our Edge Baretti Golf Sunglasses line to attain this recommended level of protection.

Comfortable and Lightweight – After wearing sunglasses for a few hours, do you ever notice the top of your nose or side of your ears hurting? If you have, you shouldn’t! Real golf sunglasses, like our Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses, feature comfortable and lightweight materials that also place an emphasis on not sliding from your face as you concentrate on your swing.

Wearing the right pair of Golf Sunglasses is just one of the many tried and true tips to improve your game, and we’ve heard from golfers on what a difference wearing golf sunglasses and not wearing golf sunglasses can make. Have golf sunglasses improved your game? Leave us a comment to tell us how!

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