Say Hello To Modern Safety Equipment – And Good Riddance To That Drab Gear!

AOSafety Fuel Safety Glasses

Many safety glasses like the AOSafety Fuel are available in a multitude of colors and styles.

Style may not be your middle name, but after working 40 hours each and every week wearing the same plain ol’ safety glasses, solid color hard hats, and those drab work gloves can make even the most Plain Jane and Johns among us welcome a bit of color in our work wardrobe. We feel your pain, and so have the safety equipment brands we work with, as we’ve noticed more and more brands adding vibrancy to their equipment and dare we say, “funking it up” a bit. AO Safety Glasses, Youngstown Gloves, and OCC Hard Hats are a few of the brands adding a bit of personality to the job site – just the right amount to add some of your great personality to your work outfit.

We’re not exactly walking down the runway, but here’s a few ways you can add some persona to your work safety equipment.

AO Safety Glasses: The AO Safety Fuel Glasses offer 99.9% UV protection while meeting ANSI Z87.1-2003 certifications, so you’ll be up to snuff with your work safety regulations. Add fiery details to the trim of your AO Safety Glasses and red coated mirror on the lenses, and you won’t mind wearing these safety glasses for eight hours, five days a week. Think frame colors like sand, blue, white, silver, and black. They’re a far cry from the safety glasses you wore as a kid in chemistry lab!

Youngstown Gloves: Youngstown Work Gloves are up to the challenge of even the most demanding of jobs, and undergo rigorous testing before you’ll ever be slipping them on your fingers. From cut-resistant and waterproof gloves to high visibility and anti-vibration gloves, Youngstown gloves continue to be a leader in their industry – and in innovation. We (and our customers!) can’t get enough of their colorful work gloves, whether it’s a mix of tan, brown, and black or more vibrant like orange, yellow, and black – anything’s better than those boring gloves you used to wear!

OCC Hard Hats: You need to protect your noggin, and wearing a hard hat that meets ANSI Z89.1-1997 Type 1, Class C&G and complies with OSHA regulations is an absolute necessity. OCC Hard Hats meet these specifications, and come with that great OCC logo and carbon fire look that have really launched OCC hard hats into a new state of popularity lately. Solid color hard hats don’t have to be drab, either – think bright greens, blues, and yellows – hey, they play a dual role and make it easier to see your team members, too. Ladies, celebrate pink with our Bullard Light Pink Hard Hat!

Work Earmuffs: Earmuffs are another important piece in the safety equipment pie, but that doesn’t mean they have to be in basic black. Think Pyramex Pink Earmuffs and Remington Pink Earmuffs for a splash of pink, and Elvex Blue Earmuffs and DeWalt Yellow Earmuffs for a dash of color.

You might be a fashionista forced to wear plain work wear during the day or a regular Joe just looking to put some personality into your work gear – either way, there’s safety glasses, hard hats, work gloves, earmuffs, and more that now come in colorful, modern designs. We’re in the modern age of safety, so protect yourself – in style.

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