Remember when the iPad was a novelty, or even, for some of us, when a laptop was the pinnacle of technological advancement? Well, get ready for the next “it” item ““ Google Glass. Google’s newest foray into technological novelties includes a pair of sleek, modern glasses. They’re unfortunately not designed to be worn as safety glasses, but we predict this Google Glassproduct will have safety glass counterparts in no time.

Some of Google Glass’s most groundbreaking features include:

  • Ability to record video and take photos ““ No need to whip out your phone, digital camera, or video camera. You can simply take photos and videos right through your Google Glass.
  • Directions, right in front of your eyes ““ GPS navigation units have come a long way over the last decade, but imagine being able to view turn-by-turn directions literally overlaid with what you’re seeing in front of your eyes. The safety enthusiasts in us here at Safety Glasses USA are just giddy with how much added safety this brings to driving or cycling while consulting a GPS unit.
  • Hands-free texting ““ We all know that we shouldn’t text and drive, text and walk, ski and text, etc, but so many people still do. Google Glass integrates “speak and read” text message technology to read new text messages and also send text messages just by speaking.
  • Built-in social sharing ““ Not only can you record video and snap photos, but you can share it with your social network, and see and talk with contacts while sharing your video and photos with them. Pretty neat, huh? Just imagine how useful this feature can be for teams working remotely, police officers maintaining crowd control during major events, and ordinary citizens in reporting news as it happens.

We”™re so excited for the release of Google Glass, and we can only imagine the possibilities these glasses will bring to the safety glasses world. Sure, Google Glass in itself is certainly not designed to be for safety purposes, but we imagine safety glass brands will take a leaf from Google’s book and design safety glasses that feature built-in measurement tools, safety tips, knowledge databases, and so much more.

Here’s to innovations in safety and an exciting, and safer, future for us all.