Are Safety Glasses In Your Weekend Warrior’s Toolbox?

Sawing wood requires wearing safety glasses

Always wear safety glasses when using power tools.

It’s easy to spot the houses of the weekend warriors as you drive through a neighborhood – they’re the ones with the shutters painted in that perfect complementary color, the shrubs cut just-so, and the outdoor landscape lighting expertly illuminating the yard. We raise our (safety) glasses to these energetic men and women. If you have a proud weekend warrior in your life, you know how important it is to make sure they have all the safety essentials down so their steadfast projects are safe ones.

New Coat Of Paint

Safety Glasses are commonly overlooked when painting. After all, you’re painting with your hands and you’re in control, so how could paint wind up in your eye? Easy. If you’re spray painting, a sudden wind change could send that paint spraying right back into your eye. The paint you’re brushing on could splatter back into your face, or could you accidentally wipe your face with your paint-smeared hand.

Be sure to also consider ventilation – even small painting projects require proper ventilation, including open windows and fans. Safety gloves are another necessity, especially if you’re using any kind of paint strippers or chemicals.

Trimming The Lawn

Your weekend warrior knows to keep his or her limbs out the way when weed whacking and cutting the grass, but what if some of that grass flies up in his or her face, or she accidentally chops up some rocks that come flying up? Polarized Safety Glasses help erase this concern from your mind, and are perfect for enjoying the sunshine on those beautiful weekend mornings.

Another lawn safety tip is to always mow across a hill, rather than up it, as the lawn mower could always roll or fall back against the weekend warrior.

Tending To The Garden

Gardening doesn’t seem “high risk”, but nearly every gardener has a story about getting dirt in their eyes or a bug landing squarely in their eye, suddenly causing pain, annoyance and aggravation. Many gardeners use pesticides to protect their fruits and veggies, so wear gloves and sneakers. Use the right gardening tools – substituting scissors for pruners, for example, can result in them breaking or slipping, to the peril of your fingertips.

Some Assembly Required

Weekend warriors have piles of instruction manuals, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to read them. Many projects require your weekend warrior to screw in nails or slightly sand down an object, requiring him or her to wear safety glasses, gloves, long sleeves, and sneakers. The likelihood he or she will wear safety glasses and gloves depends on their location – are they stowed in plain sight where they usually assemble projects? We suggest keeping two pairs of safety glasses and gloves on hand so your weekend warrior can easily throw them on and start sanding down that wooden bench just as he or she likes it.

We tip our hard hats to the weekend warriors in our midst, and although these brave men and women can do just about any do-it-yourself project out there, we’re committed to making sure they stay safe while they’re doing it. We’d love to hear from you on common DIY safety tips you’ve come to know throughout your years – together, we can help make our weekends productive and safe!

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