Bike? Check. Water Bottle? Packed. Cycling Glasses? Oops – and 3 Other Overlooked Bicycling Essentials


Oakley Jawbone Cycling Sunglasses

Oakley's Jawbone is a good example of a high quality Cycling Sunglass

Cycling is a great way to shake off all that stress from the work day and immerse yourself in the thrill of riding your bike outside, experiencing all the hustle and bustle of your neighborhood, or the quiet tranquility of a nature trail. You have all the cycling “musts” ready to go – your bike of course, your helmet, and your water bottle, but what about those often overlooked biking accessories that pro cyclists absolutely live by? You want to ride like a pro, so start outfitting yourself like one.

Overlooked Cycling Accessory #1: Cycling Sunglasses

We know a thing or two about Cycling Sunglasses, and so do pro cyclists. You’re riding along that rocky trail when all of a sudden a twig flies up, smacking you right in the eye, jarring you and sending you sailing off your bike. Pro cyclists know to wear cycling sunglasses, like Bangerz Mountain Biking Glasses or Oakley Cycling Glasses, for this exact reason.

Mountain biking glasses help keep dirt out of your eyes as you’re dominating that trail ride, but they also play a major role in preventing eye dryness for cyclists. The air is rushing in your face as you’re biking, causing your eyes to dry out and making the rest of your ride uncomfortable. Cycling glasses protect your eyes from dryness while riding, and also keeps harmful ultraviolet rays from penetrating your eyes, making for many more trail rides to come.

Overlooked Cycling Accessory #2: Sunscreen

Sunscreen could very well be in the overlooked “everything” accessory category, as we always remember to coat it on only when it’s a little too late. Instead of transforming from active mountain biker to boiled lobster by the end of your ride, remember to slather on the sunscreen before every ride, even if it’s looking cloudy outside. Keep a spare bottle of sunscreen in your car in case you forget to put it on before you leave the house.

Overlooked Cycling Accessory #3: Bug Spray

What could be more annoying than feeling the urge to scratch a nagging mosquito bike while cycling? Plus, it’s dangerous to be leaning over to scratch your knee or taking one hand off the handle bars to scratch that bite on top of your shoulders. Just like sunscreen, always remember to spray yourself with bug spray before you leave, and keep a spare can in your car.

Overlooked Cycling Accessory #4: Cycling Gloves

You’ll always see pro cyclists wearing cycling gloves. Their palms get so beat up from holding their handle bars that it’s only natural to want to protect their hands with gloves. The same goes for any cyclist – you’ll feel more comfortable and want to ride more often by wearing cycling gloves, with padding strategically placed throughout the palm to keep you feeling great and on your bike the next chance you get!

Take a cue from pro cyclists – the key to a great ride is all in the details. Wearing cycling sunglasses and cycling gloves, coupled with ensuring you’re protected from sun and bugs, helps you have a pleasant ride each time you get on your bike. Tell us what’s on your own bicycling checklist!


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