Gearing Up For Motorcycle Season – Getting To Know Motorcycle Sunglasses and Goggles

Motorcycle Eyewear

Motorcycle Eyewear keeps you protected and looking cool.

“We rolled across the high plains
Deep into the mountains
Felt so good to me
Finally feelin’ free”– Bob Seger, “Roll Me Away

Bob Seger certainly said it right in “Roll Me Away”, his song about a day spent on his bike – there’s nothing quite like riding a motorcycle. We all know there’s that quintessential “free” feeling, coupled with feeling the wind rushing by you and the scenery a whirlwind blur as you ride by. Yet, we also know that enjoying a motorcycle means riding safely. Most states require riders to wear motorcycle helmets, but what about motorcycle goggles? The unthinkable can always happen, and you don’t want to see yourself down on the road after dust kicked up into your eye, obstructing your vision and causing a collision that otherwise could have been avoided.

Peaceful Scenery and Peace of Mind

Wiley-X Sunglasses vs Bugs

A bug hitting you in the eye at 70 MPH is no picnic! Always wear your Motorcycle Eyewear.

Riding a bike stimulates all of our senses, so you want to be able to concentrate on riding and absorbing all the natural beauty of your surroundings – not adjusting your motorcycle sunglasses! Take a few minutes before you kick that bike into gear to adjust your motorcycle eyewear. Your glasses or goggles are securely fastened and tight enough to ensure they’ll stay on throughout your ride. Of course, you don’t want motorcycle goggles to detract from a great ride, so fortunately brands like Wiley-X Motorcycle Glasses, Bobster Motorcycle Glasses, and Gatorz Motorcycle Glasses have put an emphasis on safety and design in their glasses’ craftsmanship.

Ride With Certainty

You bike with precision, making it crucial to be able to easily see your bike’s instrument panel at just a quick glance. Many of our customers with motorcycles have reported that they prefer to use bifocal motorcycle glasses, allowing them to see all the fine details of their bike’s instruments while also ensuring they’re meeting safety standards. These aren’t Grandpa’s bifocals – all of our bifocal safety glasses are state of the art and have that edgy look that is so “you” when you’re out on your bike.

Regular Care Is Key

Just as you regularly tune up your bike and keep that chrome sparkling like new, you’ll want to clean your lenses after each ride with a microfiber pouch to catch all those fine dirt particles. You can also use simple soap and water to remove any dirt, but stay away from any cleaners that aren’t specifically marked for cleaning motorcycle sunglasses or goggles.

We want to hear from you – leave us a comment and tell us why you feel motorcycle goggles are a welcome addition to motorcycle safety guidelines, your thoughts on bifocal motorcycle glasses, and any tips on caring for your bike safety glasses or advice you have for fellow riders!


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