The Best of Safety Glasses USA 2011! Part II

2011 Safety Glasses USA Blog Posts

2011 provided many informative articles about products, safety tips, new announcements and more.

If you missed last week’s post, The Best of of Safety Glasses USA 2011 Part I recapped January through August’s insightful and helpful safety advise and product reviews.  This week, we’ll remember the best posts of the fall and winter months. 

September: This was one of the most exciting months of the year for Safety Glasses USA!  We were honored with the 2011 Bizrate® Circle of Excellence Platinum Award for exceptional customer service and our user-friendly website!  And if this weren’t enough, we couldn’t have been more proud to share the story and pictures from the Danville, PA, Montour Area Fire Department’s 2nd Annual Fire Safety Day Camp for kids, where we supplied fifty pairs of children’s safety glasses.

Add in eight more fantastic posts, and September was a spectacular month!  Warnings about how eye injuries can occur any time, any place were followed by a tutorial on how to handle eye emergencies when they do occur.  Then we were taught how it’s possible to actually maintain and improve eye health — especially important when extra-bright fall commutes into the morning and evening sun make driving a challenge.  Advice about Airsoft survival tactics and fall yard safety were also served up, along with outstanding reviews of the new Bolle Safety Glasses and Goggles and the amazing Pyramex I-Force Convertible Safety Goggles/Safety Glasses.

October: The perfect month for 13 amazing posts! Maybe you missed one?  Here’s your chance to check them out:

November: The spirit and the fun of the holidays were definitely on the minds of our writers this month!  Want to know how to safely deep fry a turkey while wearing your ANSI Z87.1-2010 Certified Safety Glasses?  Or which lens tints in your skiing sunglasses will serve you best on the slopes this season?  What about if you want to work off a few of those Christmas cookies with some mixed martial arts?  Then you definitely want to look the part in a pair of TAPOUT® Sunglasses — rather than cheap sunglasses that end up costing you more in the long run.  But no matter what activities you participate in outdoors this winter, don’t skip wearing sunglasses all together.  Brands like Oakley offer superior UV protection from wintertime glare, as well as eye protection, especially when decorating and working with lights and electricity this holiday season.  Then there’s the perpetual question of what to put under the tree each year?  Thankfully, here are five great suggestions for safe and healthy gifts!  And finally, November offered you not one, but two posts on the safe wear of contact lenses in the workplace or industrial environment.

December: Yes, it’s dark out there.  And getting darker every day.  So we want you to stay safe and visible in the fading light of winter whether you’re working outside or trying to get your exercise in.  Or, perhaps snowmobiling is higher on your list of priorities than outside running.  If so, don’t underestimate how much more fun sledding is while wearing a great pair of snowmobile goggles.  But no matter what kind of glasses or goggles you’re wearing this winter, it’s important to take good care of them.  “10 Good Habits for Safety Glasses Maintenance” will show you how.

And remembering that it’s always better to give than to receive, Safety Glasses USA Gift Certificates are now available!  Give the gift of safety to everyone you love this holiday season.

With a few blogs still left to post this year, the great tips and information aren’t quite over for 2011, but we certainly hope we’ve whet your appetite for all the valuable safety information to come in 2012!

Happy Holidays from Safety Glasses USA!

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