Top 5 Reasons To Own Wiley-X Sunglasses

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Buying a pair of sunglasses can be a tough decision as there are hundreds if not thousands of brands and styles to choose from with a variety of features, gimmicks and sales pitches. When it comes to the job of protecting your eyes many brands just can’t cut the mustard, because they use cheap components and don’t adhere to important ANSI testing requirements. There are plenty of “flavor-of-the-month” brands out there, who’s only goal is to sell as many sunglasses as possible, but leave you hanging when it comes to protection, quality and durability.

Wiley-X, a U.S. Veteran owned and operated company, has been producing sunglasses for over two decades and has earned a solid reputation from millions of satisfied customers. Here are some of the features that make Wiley-X Sunglasses the only choice for Military, Law Enforcement, Motorcyclists, Professional Shooters, Fisherman and many more.

Wiley-X ANSI Z87 Certification Mark

All Wiley-X Sunglasses are marked with ANSI certification.

1. Shatterproof Lenses
Wiley-X Sunglasses use one of the world’s most impact resistant lens materials. Selenite Polycarbonate lenses provide ANSI Z87.1-2003 impact protection and beyond. In fact several styles meet stringent military ballistic standards, which means they can survive impacts far beyond normal industrial testing requirements. No matter what your profession, hobby or lifestyle, protecting your eyes should be paramount as there are few second chances when it comes to eye injuries. Don’t trust your eyes to non-ANSI rated eyewear. You can find the mark for ANSI certification on the lenses, frame and temples of every pair of Wiley-X glasses.

2. Virtually Unbreakable Frames
Using Triloid Nylon frames, Wiley-X frames have endured some of the harshest environments and incredible punishment. In fact some customers have reported that frames run over by moving vehicles have remained intact and usable! You pay good, hard-earned money for your sunglasses and Wiley-X’s durability will ensure you get your money’s worth.

3. Lens Clarity
Impact protection is important, but to receive ANSI certification, lenses must pass tests for Resolving Power, Refractive Power and Prismatic Power. Ordinary sunglasses without ANSI certifications tend to ignore these critical factors, making your eyes work harder, increasing fatigue, causing headaches, resulting in poor performance.

4. Facial Cavity Seals
Many Wiley-X styles are available with a removable soft foam Facial Cavity Seal. This seal is designed to block out wind, debris and peripheral light, giving your eyes maximum protection in even the most extreme environments.

Wiley-X Sunglasses Provide Protection

Wiley-X Sunglasses protect in all environments.

5. Top Down Ventilation
Fogged lenses are a nuisance at best and dangerous at their worst. Wiley-X uses Top Down Ventilation to help reduce lens fogging by allowing air to flow behind the lens and out the bottom or top of the frame. This helps reduce heat and moisture build up behind the lens and keeps your lenses clear longer.

Whether you’re hiking remote trails, cruising down the highway, facing threats in the line of duty or just hanging at the beach, expert studies have shown that 90% of eye injuries could be prevented by wearing proper eyewear. So why take a chance with your vision by wearing sunglasses that just don’t measure up. Look for Wiley-X Sunglasses and their ANSI certification mark that proves they’re up to the challenge.

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Michael Eldridge is the President and Founder of Safety Glasses USA, one of the web's largest providers of safety glasses and goggles. He's a US Marine Veteran who's particularly passionate about protective eyewear and helping people learn about vision safety. In his spare time he enjoys target shooting, fishing, camping with his family and watching Detroit Tigers baseball. You can follow Michael on Twitter @MikeEldridge73, Google or via the Safety Glasses USA Facebook Page.


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