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Choosing the proper lens tint can help improve your accuracy.

If you’re a shooter, you already know that shooting safety glasses are an absolute necessity every time you hold a gun, whether it’s at the shooting range, in the field, or as part of your job. There’s no mystery surrounding why shooting glasses are a critical accessory – your eyes are precious, and you need to protect them. Yet, there can be some mystery around the many lens color options you have to choose from for your shooting safety glasses. All of the glasses in our shooting glasses section are ANSI Z87.1-2003 certified, so does it really matter whether you choose amber versus gray lenses?

Oh yes, it does! Different safety glasses lens colors enhance your vision in various lighting conditions, helping you see with more clarity and accuracy – two characteristics that every shooter needs. Let’s break down your shooting glasses lens color options:

Yellow/Orange Shooting Glasses: Yellow and orange tinted safety glasses, like our Edge Dakura Yellow Safety Glasses, tend to block out “blue light”, such as light on a cloudy day, but bring out the orange color of a practice target. These colors tend to create a more detailed line of vision, helping you to better perceive depth, and thus improve accuracy.

Amber Shooting Glasses: Amber lenses, including our Crews Storm Amber Safety Glasses, are a very popular lens color, and they work best in low light, cloudy days. The amber tint creates exceptional contrast between colors, helping the orange of the target stand out to you, even on those dreary days.

Purple/Blue Shooting Glasses: If you’re at a shooting range with a backdrop of beautiful trees around you, you’ll want the help of a purple or blue safety glasses tint, such as our Edge Dakura Blue Safety Glasses. These colors help improve contrast, particularly against greens (trees/grass) and oranges (the target), keeping your eyes focused on the target, and only the target.

Brown Shooting Glasses: Many hunters and shooters prefer brown lenses, such as the ones found in our Wiley-X Jake Brown Safety Glasses, as they call attention to orange targets. They work best in fields or other open areas, and particularly in bright sunlight.

Gray Shooting Glasses: Gray is the “all around” color – gray safety glasses, like those in our Bobster Ballistic Safety Glasses section, reduce the amount of light around you, allowing you to see a balanced tone of color. It’s ideal for bright conditions, and helps you get a level sense of contrast and depth.

Which shooting safety glasses lens color is ideal for you, and why? Every shooter has their preferred color they feel most comfortable with and would recommend, and we’d love to hear from you on the lens colors that work best for your shooting conditions. Start taking notice of the different lighting and landscape conditions around where you shoot, and match these characteristics up to the lens color that would be just right for you.

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