Solving the Problem of Fogged Eyewear in Hot Weather

By | June 1st, 2016|Featured Post, Safety Tips|

From construction workers to first responders to welders, dealing with fogged eyewear is incredibly frustrating. And, lens fogging is proven to be a significant safety issue. Anyone working outside in warm weather can [...]

Bolle Rush Plus Offers New Stylish Option For Men

By | February 19th, 2015|Safety Tips|

For men wanting to go beyond just basic, functional safety glasses & sunglasses, the Bolle Rush Plus offers three new stylish options that still meet ANSI certification requirements. In addition to style and safety, these [...]

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

By | October 22nd, 2012|Safety Tips|

Edge Dakura Vapor Shield Anti-Fog Safety Glasses The warm, endless days of summer have now given way to crisp Fall mornings and the gentle hum of the approaching holidays in the [...]

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