Optx 20/20 Hydrotac Stick-On Bifocal Lenses are Back In Stock!

Optx 20/20 Hydrotac Stick-On Bifocal Lenses

The Optx 20/20 HydroTac Stick-On Bifocal Lenses feature new and improved packaging.

Good News:

Nearsighted people can rejoice, because after a wait of nearly two years, Neoptx, based in Miramar FL, announced that their new in-house molding facility has started production on their popular Optx 20/20 HydroTac Stick-On Bifocal Lenses.

“The Optx 20/20 HydroTac Stick-On Lenses allow you to turn any glasses into Reading Glasses. HydroTac™ Soft Reading Lenses adhere with water, yet are removable and reusable to provide optically correct magnification to sunglasses and prescription eyewear. Optx 20/20 Lenses are lightweight, ultra-thin pliable lenses available in +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, +2.00, +2.50 and +3.00 diopters. Soft Reading Lenses are a smart alternative to expensive prescription readers.” – Neoptx


The HydroTac Bifocals use the same formula as previous models, however they are now sporting new, more modern packaging and an improved Use & Care Guide.

Real World Testing:

Since the HydroTac Stick-On Bifocals have been out of production for almost two years, we decided to test them on several different models of safety glasses. We wanted to make sure the product still worked as advertised and our customers wouldn’t receive any unwanted surprises.

We closely followed the included directions and prepared each pair of safety glasses by thoroughly cleaning their lenses. This is an important step, because it ensures there is no dirt or oily residue on the lenses, which could affect how well the HydroTac Bifocals adhere to our glasses.

We then placed a drop of water on the inside of both lenses of our safety glasses, placed the HydroTac Bifocals on the inside of the glasses’ lenses, and gently positioned the bifocal on the lens using our finger. We then tried the glasses on to make sure the Stick-on Bifocals where positioned to our liking, making adjustments as needed. Once the HydroTac Bifocals were in the desired position, we gently dried each one with a soft cloth to remove any excess water. We then allowed the glasses to dry, untouched, for 24 hours.

We’re happy to announce that we had a 100% lens-adhering  success rate. None of the HydroTac Bifocals fell off or became dislodged. Using our finger we attempted to nudge them and they held securely and, when we wanted to, we could easily remove them using our fingernail to lift/peel them off the lens. We had no problem reattaching the lenses following the same installation steps.

Price Update:

With the construction of the new Neoptx production facility and increased material costs, there has been a slight price increase to vendors. Safety Glasses USA has leveraged its volume purchasing power to keep our prices as low as possible. The new price of $9.25 is only a $0.75 increase from the previous model!

Helpful Tips:

If the HydroTac Bifocals are too large for the lenses on which you wish to install them, you can trim them down with sharp scissors. It’s recommended you trim the bottom, curved portion of the HydroTac Bifocal Lens, not the straight, top portion.

If you have a job where you’re constantly working above your head, which causes you to tilt your head back when using traditional bifocals, you can install the HydroTac Bifocals to the top of your lenses. This will allow you to use the magnification of the HydroTac Lenses without having to tilt your head back. Just make sure you install the HydroTac Bifocals upside down, so the round portion of the Bifocal is facing the top of the eyewear lens.

Some safety glasses or sunglasses have too much lens curvature (greater than 6 base curve) for the HydroTac lenses to bond sufficiently. You may want to consider purchasing Bifocal Safety Glasses or Sunglasses instead.


UV Protection – Eliminating Excuses

Smith & Wesson Mini-Magnum with Gold Metallic Mirror Lens

Smith & Wesson Mini-Magnum with Gold Metallic Mirror Lens

Most people agree that sunglasses can protect eyes from harmful UV rays. Most people also believe that eye protection benefits overall health. And the majority of individuals usually wears sunglasses during outdoor activities and while driving. Yet, not even half of individuals surveyed actually wear sunglasses that truly protect their eyes. In addition, the majority of people also feel that children should wear sunglasses too, but one glance at a park or ball field on sunny day and the lack of follow through in this area is obvious.

So why the disparity? Many individuals focus only on fashion when choosing sunglasses, or they don’t feel that UV protection is an absolute necessity. The following 5 facts provide the necessary information to help eliminate excuses for not protecting eyes against harmful UV rays.

  1. Experts stress the importance of UV protection for eyes. In “How the Sun Affects Our Eyes: An Interview with an Optometrist,” author Denise Cripps details that not only is the accumulated affect of UV rays on the eyes significant, but it is especially so for those under 18. Because protecting eyes is so crucial, eliminating excuses for not protecting them is a worthwhile pursuit.
  2. You can have BOTH fashion and UV protection. Many individuals choose sunglasses based on fashion. Unfortunately, fashion sunglasses often fail to protect eyes against harmful UV rays. Yet fortunately, a large variety of sunglasses DO PROTECT the eyes and also LOOK GREAT on the wearer. Check out these options, and you’ll quickly become a believer.
  3. Affordability is no longer an issue. While many sunglasses with UV protection can get pricey, there are just as many that are quite affordable. Makers like Tapout provide a variety of fashionable and affordable options with several items pricing out below $20.
  4. The options available eliminate excuses. Individuals who wear prescription glasses as well as those needing an additional level of safety because of their job no longer have to compromise either. There are a variety of over-prescription eyewear, prescription-ready sunglasses, and safety sunglasses with UV protection to fit anyone’s unique situation. Even those wearing bifocals have some terrific options for sunglasses.
  5. Protecting your child’s eyes doesn’t have to be expensive. Many people are hesitant to spend a lot on sunglasses for children because in general children tend to either be rough or forgetful and often both. Fortunately, many inexpensive options such as the Smith & Wesson Mini-Magnum Safety Glasses with Gold Metallic Mirror and the Dewalt Renovator Small Safety Glasses with Indoor-Outdoor Lens exist to protect young eyes against UV rays as well as against impact hazards such as those that come with sports. Options are so affordable, that purchasing a back-up pair is not out of the question.

Changing habits can be a struggle for many people, and education can be a key component to eliminate excuses that stand in the way. This fact certainly holds true for protecting eyes against harmful rays from the sun. With the elimination of the excuses addressed in the above 5 facts, hopefully the disparity between belief and action can be reduced.

Stay tuned for next week’s article that will identify and address one of the biggest reasons many individuals do not wear sunglasses.

4 Real World Reasons to Wear Bifocal Safety Glasses

Bifocal Safety Glasses

Bifocal Safety Glasses protect your eyes and help you see fine details.

Bifocal glasses aren’t just for Grandma anymore – these days, bifocal safety glasses not only keep your eyes protected, but they also come with built-in magnifiers to make reading and detailed jobs easier. Safety glasses have dramatically evolved over the years in their modern designs and technology, with an ever increasing number of people wearing them. We’re glad to hear it – the more people wearing safety glasses, the less eye injuries we’ll hear about! Bifocal safety glasses are perfect for people who need safety glasses and reading glasses, and they’ve really taken off in popularity over the last few years. Here’s why:

  • It’s All In The Details: We know how important the details are – after all, it’s hard to be detailed, but it’s easy to spot a bad detail job. Whether you’re painting or woodworking, it pays to pay attention to the details. Eye safety should never be sacrificed, with bifocal safety glasses like our DeWalt Reinforcer Bifocal Safety Glasses coming to your rescue. Their impact resistant lenses give you peace of mind, and their magnification lets you carve those tiny flowers much more easily.
  • Tech Savvy Brain, Without The Strain: You’re all about new technology, leaving you staring at a computer screen for most of your work day. Ever notice how tired your eyes feel at the end of a long day, or those headaches that seem to pop up every afternoon? Computers increase eye strain, but bifocal safety glasses help you fight that strain. Not only can the amber lenses in our Uvex Genesis Bifocal Safety Glasses ease your eyes in front of the PC, but they also help you read that small print on your favorite tech blogs.
  • Read The Instructions: It’s always tempting to skip reading the instruction manual, especially when we’re at work and strapped for time. Operating that machine looks simple enough, doesn’t it? Well, we all know that if we skip the instructions, Murphy’s Law will have us either fixing the equipment or reading the manual in a few minutes, anyway. Bifocal safety glasses make reading the instructions – or a book on lunch at the job site, a cinch. No more needing to switch from safety glasses to reading glasses!
  • Scalpel? Check. Bifocal Safety Glasses? You bet: As a medical professional, you need to know what every nook and cranny inside our bodies is, and you need to identify it, fast. Bifocal safety glasses not only protect both you and the patient from the spread of infection, but give you the magnification you need to easily spot those tell-tale white dots on Susie’s throat. They’re as essential to you as that prescription pad and pen in your lab coat pocket.

Bifocal safety glasses are an eye safety achievement in our industry, and we’re happy to bring them to you. Our goal is to continually educate you on eye safety, and we resolve to carry only the most quality safety glasses to protect your peepers. What kind of every day uses do you have for bifocal safety glasses? Do you have any tips on uncommon, but important, uses for them?