Noise Exposure In The Workplace

Even though OSHA provides clear and established standards for noise exposure and a variety of options for hearing protection exist to help adhere to these workplace requirements, hearing protection is still an often overlooked occupational hazard. In … [Read more...]

Hearing Safety

Industrial machinery. Heavy construction equipment. Power tools. Aircrafts. Gunfire. Motorcycles. Race tracks. Dental drills. Sporting events. Fireworks. Rock concerts. Marching bands. Yard equipment. All involve people. All involve loud noise. … [Read more...]

Prevent Hearing Damage with Proper Ear Protection

Hear ye, hear ye! (While ye still can . . . ) Hearing loss is irreversible! That means preventing hearing damage is critical before it's too late. We “hear” when specialized hair cells in our middle ear convert sound waves into electrical signals … [Read more...]