Are You Prepared For An Emergency? 5 Steps To Be Sure

USA Today records 2011 as the Costliest Year in World Disasters. What were those disasters? A tsunami (Japan), earthquakes (Turkey, US East Coast & New Zealand), tornadoes (Central U.S.), typhoons (Japan & Philippines), a volcanic eruption … [Read more...]

Everyday Carry for the Car

Combining the list provided by five different expert sources (MSN Autos; Better Homes & Garden, February 2012 print edition; The Simple Dollar; MSNBC; and Consumer Reports), there are about 50 unique items that most people should carry in their … [Read more...]

Everyday Carry for Women

As Everyday Carry… for Men confirms, men carry the basics with them. What men carry usually fits into their pockets or clips to their belts. On the other hand, Women tend to carry a great deal more with them on a regular basis. The fact that a … [Read more...]

Everyday Carry for Men

Most women carry a purse or some sort of bag with them everywhere they go, and the items in them are as unique and varied as the women who carry them. But men tend take a much simpler approach to the items they keep on their person. And, for the … [Read more...]