Everyday Carry for Women

Everyday Carry for Women

Women tend to carry a great deal more with them on a regular basis.

As Everyday Carry… for Men confirms, men carry the basics with them. What men carry usually fits into their pockets or clips to their belts. On the other hand, Women tend to carry a great deal more with them on a regular basis. The fact that a popular shower game is to see who has the most of 20 items on a list in her purse says a lot about the eclectic nature of the contents of most women’s purse.

Men and women have some of the same items that they carry in common with each other. For example, most carry a wallet (or some version of a wallet and the usual contents like driver’s license, credit cards, money, etc.), cell phone and keys. In addition to these items, the majority of women also carry a highlighter and/or pen, gum and lip gloss or lipstick with them.

Beyond these items, women not only carry vastly more than men carry, but what women carry varies a great deal from one woman to the next. A woman’s purse/handbag, it seems, is more than just a carryall for necessary items. It serves as a one-stop destination, kind of like the mall. A woman’s purse, in addition to being a convenient way to carry the bare essentials, also serves as a:

1.)    Coffee Shop. One woman claims to carry the makings for coffee along with the creamer and sweetener necessary for her to enjoy her coffee. She did not say if she carried a cup to hold her coffee too.

2.)    Medicine Cabinet. From a variety of painkillers (Motrin being the most popular) to Kleenex to contact supplies to antibiotic ointment, many women carry the “just-in-case” items often found in a medicine cabinet. Interestingly, the items considered essential and worth always carrying is not the same for every woman.

3.)    Convenience Store. Everyone has stopped at a convenience store while traveling and grabbed something to drink, a snack and perhaps a magazine. Some women have decided that carrying these items with them is more convenient. (It’s definitely cheaper than buying them at most convenience stores.)

4.)    Beauty shop. As already mentioned, the large majority of women carry lip gloss or lipstick with them at all times. In fact, many usually have more than one color with them. In addition, women also carry a variety of other beauty oriented items such as a nail clipper or file, mascara, lotion, floss and a brush or comb.

5.)    General Store. When children are babies, a diaper bag serves to carry many items that might be needed. When children grow out of diapers, some of those items make their way into mom’s purse. For example, some women regularly carry a change of underwear for their little one, wipes of some sort and toys to occupy the kids. Many women also carry items such as a book, reading glasses, sunglasses and a hand-held fan. And not to leave out the men, some women carry items that their husbands might need but don’t want to carry. In fact, one woman said she always has a pair of reading glasses for her husband. Note that the men did not admit to carrying those with them regularly. Another woman said that her husband wants her to carry a “mom purse” (meaning, a large purse or bag), so she can have more items with her that he thinks she should always have.

Women carry an amazing amount of items with them regularly, and the variety of those items is certainly intriguing. Even with the large number of items listed above, there are quite a few items not yet mentioned. (Some of those items include larger electronics (iPad for example), inhaler, jewelry, note pads, business cards, etc.) The large variety of items that women carry in their handbags/purses seems rivaled only by the large variety of different sizes, shapes and colors of handbags/purses available. This carryall has gone well beyond being just a convenient storage place for the bare necessities.  No wonder there’s a game related to revealing what’s in a woman’s purse.

Everyday Carry for Men

EDC Example

Here's an example of a good EDC load out. What items do you carry on a daily basis?

Most women carry a purse or some sort of bag with them everywhere they go, and the items in them are as unique and varied as the women who carry them. But men tend take a much simpler approach to the items they keep on their person. And, for the record, none of them said they carry any sort of “man bag” with them (search for them, they are out there in plenty). What most men take with them fits easily in their pockets, hooked to their belts or maybe even in their car.

Of nearly 50 men surveyed (some posted on either EDC or Every Day Carry, and others commented via email survey), these six items were overwhelmingly the most common that men claimed to have on them at all times.

1.)    Knife. Over 40 of the 50 men said they carried a knife. There’s quite a variety of the type and complexity of the knives, and some men even carry multiple knives with them at one time.

2.)    Phone. Some carry them in their pockets, while others clip them on their belts. Worthy of note, though, is the fact that there are still quite a few individuals who do not carry a cell phone or who consider it an “optional” item.

3.)    Wallet/Money Clip/Money. In some form, all men carry their identification, credit or debit cards and money with them. Many still carry a wallet, but some only carry the bare minimum of a driver’s license, one credit/debit card and money. One individual claimed to only carry $3 – $5 with him for “coffee.” Incidentally, that same man also always has his fishing license at the ready too.

4.)    Flashlight. As with the knife, there is quite a variety of flashlights that men carry as well as a variety of ways they carry them. Some carry them in a pouch hooked to their belts, others have them on their key rings, and still others simply carry small enough ones to keep in their pockets.

5.)    Keys. Chances are that every man carries keys with him, but not all of them listed that they do so. Some carry quite a few keys, while others only have a couple. Perhaps with the new technology in cars that don’t require a key to open or start them, carrying keys is going to become a thing of the past.

6.)    Watch. This was slightly lower on the list than the other items, though it is still pretty common. Most likely, many individuals now use their phones for telling time.

Other common items that many men carry with them include sunglasses, reading glasses, a pen or marker, a multi-tool, breath mints, and lip balm of some sort. Several men said they carry a picture of their wife and/or kids too, but most likely those who carry phones keep pictures there. Only some of the men who are married noted their wedding ring as an item they always have on them.

There are also some items that are less common but that quite a few men claim to always have with them. These items include a gun, tape measure, rescue whistle and utility corkscrew. Each one probably holds a good story as to why it is carried every day too. Some admitted to keeping extra items such as a gym bag (did not say what was in the bag), snacks “for energy,” a water bottle and an umbrella. Most, however, stuck to only what they could carry on them.

Question: Are you like the typical male with the everyday items you carry with you?

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