How To Find Your Dominant Eye

Your dominant eye is the one your brain favors when it process visual input. Most people instinctively use their dominant eye when looking through a telescope, aiming a weapon or looking through a camera's viewfinder. If you're not sure which eye … [Read more...]

Are “Old Eyes” Inevitable?

What are “old eyes”? The technical term for “old eyes” is presbyopia. Most people know it as an almost sudden struggle to read resulting in squinting that then necessitates the use of reading glasses. Other symptoms include eyestrain, headaches … [Read more...]

12 Eye Care Tips for National Eye Care Month

So what did the crew here at Safety Glasses USA toast to on this New Year’s Eve? To January being National Eye Care Month, of course! Safety is not only business to us – it’s personal. We know all the in’s and out’s of safety glasses, and we love … [Read more...]