Why Buy “Made in the USA”?

Safety Glasses USA, being a veteran-owned company, proudly celebrated Armed Forces Day last week; but we celebrate our Made in the USA brands every day! And since it's getting to be that hot time of year when showing your patriotism is oh-so cool, … [Read more...]

Lab Safety 101: Small Safety Glasses, Hazardous Chemicals, and More!

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Prescription-Ready Safety Glasses: The Epitome of Convenience

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Safety Eyewear in the Kitchen: For Adventurous Chefs to Everyday Cooks

In July 2010, a deep-fried dumpling almost cost food blogger Gabriella Zagreb her eyesight. Leaning over her pot of boiling oil to dislodge a stuck dumpling with a spoon, the dumpling cracked open and released steam and moisture into the hot oil, … [Read more...]

Eye and Ear Protection are Imperative for Firefighters and Rescue Workers

Think a minute . . . besides firefighting and emergency rescue, are there any other professions where workers have absolutely no idea what they'll be doing that day, what to expect next, or whether they'll even come through their shift unscathed? … [Read more...]