12 Important Tips for Choosing the Best Hunting Eyewear

Every year, approximately 30,000 people suffer shooting-related injuries. Paintball causes the largest number of those injuries followed by hunting-related injuries. All firearms recoil to some extent, and hunting activities usually take place … [Read more...]

Can You Hear Me Now?

For years SafetyGlassesUSA.com has sold hearing protection in the form of both muffs and plugs. Manufacturers of these products are required to assign a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) to each one to inform users of the level of protection offered. It … [Read more...]

DFG urging safety glasses for dove hunters

DAVE STREGERegister columnistOUTDOORSdstrege@ocregister.comGot questions about the dove hunting opener Sept. 1? We’ve got answers… Is it true safety glasses will be required of hunters on state land? No, but the Department of Fish and … [Read more...]

Can Shooting Glasses Protect Your Eyes From Birdshot?

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