New Pyramex Itek A Breath Of Fresh Air

The new Itek improves upon the successful Ztek series.

It’s hard to believe the extremely popular Pyramex Ztek Safety Glasses line has been around since March 2001 (originally released as the Aztec). Since then Ztek quickly became a runaway sensation due to its attractive lightweight design and became an industry standard that many companies have tried to emulate over the years. Expanding upon Ztek’s success, Pyramex has produced the new Itek Safety Glasses line, which improves upon Ztek’s core features and takes advantage of years of customer feedback.

After spending a few days wearing the new Itek around the office and during some rigorous yard work at home this past weekend, I can confidently say that Pyramex has hit the bullseye once again. The most significant and obvious improvements for Itek are the additions of a flexible, ventilated nosepiece and soft rubber temple tips, which provided a high level of comfort during extended wear. I had zero issues with hotspots behind my ears and the glasses stayed securely on my head, even during periods of heavy sweating. I would have no problem wearing the Iteks for several hours. Fogging was not an issue,  since my face allows enough room for air to flow past the lens, however Pyramex does offer anti-fog versions for applications where fogging is an issue.

Overall the new Itek is a breath of fresh air for the Ztek line and I expect it to become just as popular as its predecessor.

Key Itek Features:

  • Newly designed ventilated nosepiece allows heat to dissipate from nose bridge to reduce fogging.
  • Soft dual injected rubber temple tips and flexible nosepiece provide non-slip comfort.
  • 9.75 base curved lens provides excellent side protection against airborne particles.
  • Lightweight, frameless protection is ideal for all-day wear.
  • Lenses provide 99% protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Impact Requirements
  • CAN/CSA Z94.3-07
  • CE EN166 Certified
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New Microfiber Pouches

Protect your eyewear with a Microfiber Pouch

Did you know the majority of lens scratches occur while the eyewear is not being worn? Fortunately our new Microfiber Pouches can reduce or eliminate lens scratches when used to protect your safety glasses or sunglasses. These pouches feature a Drawstring Closure to keep your glasses secure and are available in Black, Gray, White or Black with the SGUSA logo.

Dimensions: 4″ wide x 7.2″ tall

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