Driving In The Fog Made Easier

Driving this time of year can be tricky. If you don’t listen to the weather report before you head out to start your day, you can be caught totally off guard when you hit thick patches of fog, it can make you dread the morning drive. If you have young drivers in your home it is even worse because you worry about their safety while driving in the fog.

Among the tips to driving in foggy conditions:

  • Use LOW beams lights. High beams will reflect off the fog, creating a “white wall” effect.
  • Reduce your speed.
  • Travel with the window partially open. Listen for traffic.
  • Use the paint line of the right edge of the road to guide you – never use the center line.

But there are times when the fog is so thick you can barely see the white line on the right side of the road edge.

Here is a hint that can give you the “edge” you need: Glasses with an amber or yellow lens will enhance contrast, making it easier to distinguish where the paint line runs.

I wear prescription glasses, so I keep a pair of Guardian Over-the-glass with yellow lens within an arm’s reach in my car. (Bolle makes the Override in a yellow lens that would also work).

For the young driver in your household, select glasses that not only keep them safer, but also look good so that they will use them. To mention just a few: In a yellow lens, popular choices are the Wiley-X Saber and the Jackson Hellraiser. In an amber lens, the Smith & Wesson Elite, with its “retro style” is a great choice. Another great choice is the Edge Dukura, a light-weight, sleek wrap-around available in both yellow and amber lens.

Try one of these very affordable glasses, you will find it makes driving in the fog easier and safer.

Benefits of Over-Prescription Sunglasses, Safety Glasses & Goggles

Over-Prescription Safety Glasses

Over-Prescription Safety Glasses

Eyeglasses designed for every-day wear fail to provide the necessary protection against hazards in the workplace. In addition, most eyeglasses do not provide eye protection against the sun either. Fortunately, over-prescription safety, sunglasses and goggles provide terrific options for protecting eyes and keeping them healthy.

The following 5 benefits of over-prescription glasses, sunglasses or goggles may leave those who wear prescription glasses wondering why they haven’t already purchased a pair.

  1. Simple & affordable: Over-prescription sunglasses and safety glasses come in standard and polarized lenses with styles to fit any budgets. With a variety of choices from the Radians Chief Overspec Safety Glasses with Smoke Lens at just under $2 a pair to the Solitaire Aviator Over-The-Glass Sunglasses with Black Ultra Frame and Extra Large Gray Polarized Lens at just over $23, over-prescription sunglasses and safety glasses are an affordable option to expensive prescription safety and sun glasses.
  2. Durable protection: No need to worry about damaging eyeglasses because these over-prescription safety glasses are ANSI certified and provide tough protection as resistant to debris and impact as standard safety glasses. In addition to over-prescription safety glasses, there are many safety fit-over goggles that provide another option for eyeglass wearers. While not all goggles are guaranteed to fit over all prescription eyewear, there are a variety of goggles available with a pair to fit most glasses.
  3. UV safety: Over-prescription sunglasses and safety glasses also provide the ultimate in sun protection with most models protecting against at nearly 100% of UV rays. For those wanting polarized sunglasses, Solitaire offers several models of polarized over-prescription sunglasses including the Solitaire Mod Rec Over-The-Glass Sunglasses with Tortoise Ultra Frame and Medium Gray Polarized Lens and the Solitaire Angled Over-The-Glass Sunglasses with Rec Black Sport Frame and S/M Gray Mirror Polarized Lens.
  4. Indoor and outdoor protection: Because over-prescription safety glasses provide as much protection as standard safety glasses and because they also come with UV protection, feel free to wear them indoors or outdoors.
  5. Fits for any size glasses: Different manufacturers each provide a somewhat different variation on their over-prescription sunglasses, over-prescription safety glasses and fit-over goggles, so finding the right fit is rarely a problem.

Over-prescription safety glasses, sunglasses and goggles provide terrific options for the workplace as well as for at-home use. Companies find over-prescription safety glasses and fit-over goggles to be great options for visitors who wear prescription glasses as well as for temporary workers who only need safety eyewear for a short-period of time. At home, over-prescription glasses provide an inexpensive option for eyeglass wearers when completing such tasks as mowing the lawn and cutting debris with a chainsaw. Even eyeglass wearers looking for a fashionable option for sun protection will find a variety of inexpensive options to suit their needs.