Product Review: Bullhead Kingfish Safety Glasses with Polarized/Photochromic Lenses

Bullhead Kingfish Safety Glasses with Polarized/Photochromic LensesAny active person wanting great all-around safety sunglasses need look no further than the Bullhead Kingfish Safety Glasses. These glasses work well for individuals involved in a variety of activities – such as multiple sports – and especially for those switching within multiple activities, each with unique lighting conditions and challenges, throughout the day.

Understand the Features

Before detailing specific experiences wearing the Bullhead Kingfish Safety Glasses, let’s discuss the features these glasses offer:

  • A transmission rate (amount of sunlight that will go through the lenses into the eyes) well suited for sports. With a 12% when fully darkened state and 32% when in their natural state, the Bullhead Kingfish allows enough light for seeing what you need to see in shade while also providing extra coverage in bright sunlight.
  • A super lightweight sports frame adds to the comfortableness of these glasses.
  • Wrap-around, 8-base curve lenses provide maximum protection plus 100% visual acuity (sharp vision).
  • Soft TPR adjustable nose piece won’t produce painful, red impressions on your nose after hours of constant wear.
  • Good Fit for a variety of face shapes, so most women and men will find the Bullhead Kingfish to be a comfortable fit.
  • Protection from the sun by filtering out 99% of dangerous UV light. When you understand How the Sun Affects Our Eyes, you realize how essential this feature is for your eyewear.
  • Polarized lenses that reduce glare, resulting in less eye fatigue.
  • Photochromic lenses that react to sunlight and adjust for optimum visibility in any lighting situation.
  • Safety protection by meeting ANSI Z87.1 high impact requirements, which tells wearers that eyes have increased protection from radiation, blunt impact, chemical splash and dust.

Experience the Features

Clearly, the Bullhead Kingfish Safety Glasses with Polarized/Photochromic Smoke Lens offer a solid list of features. But how do those features play out in real-life?

Consider the following notes taken during a 3-week product-review period.

  • These glasses will work well for individuals involved in a variety of activities and especially for those switching among several activities in any given day because the photochromic lenses transition seamlessly by adapting quickly to changing lighting situations.
  • While these glasses work well in bright sun, just like glasses with a permanent and darker tint, the benefits of the photochromic lens really showed through when in shaded areas and low-light (overcast) situations by constantly providing sharp vision.
  • During a 4-hour kayak trip down a river littered with fallen trees, the glasses provided constant clear vision even while in the sun one second and significant shade the next. In addition, eye fatigue never presented itself; in fact, the glasses were forgotten as they provided the necessary vision for every situation presented.
  • Whether running, walking or biking, these glasses adjusted very well to multi-light situations regardless of the time of day, unlike other sunglasses that needed removed in shaded areas, a definite hassle while exercising.
  • These glasses don’t slip and move on the face either. Anyone who exercises regularly knows how annoying it is to have glasses that constantly need adjusted because they don’t stay put.
  • While biking, regardless of the lighting situation, the gauge for mileage and time could be read without problem.
  • Unexpectedly, the Bullfish glasses provided excellent vision when sitting on the deck in the shade and reading. The sun glares off the deck, often causing headaches even when sitting in the shade, but these glasses not only adjusted to the shade but also prevented eye fatigue from the glare.
  • A cell phone screen also remains clearly visible while wearing the Bullhead glasses.
  • Having the ANSI protection for a low cost ($59) provides a terrific added benefit, especially for those who don’t want to buy different glasses for each activity.
  • For those who put their sunglasses on their heads when not wanting to wear them, such as when in the grocery store, knowing that the nose pieces won’t get caught in your hair is another added bonus.

3 Reasons to Wear Bullhead Kingfish Glasses

To summarize the benefits of these glasses in a practical sense, here are the three main reasons to purchase the Bullhead Kingfish Safety Glasses with Polarized/Photochromic Smoke Lens:

  1. Great all-around lens.
  2. Comfortable, lightweight fit.
  3. Solid eye protection.

Included among the top reasons people fail to wear proper eye protection are improper (uncomfortable or bothersome) fit and inability to see well in changing light situations. The Bullhead Kingfish Safety Glasses can eliminate these problems for most people, making eyes both healthier and safer.

So if you’re an active person who wants great vision that also results in healthier and safer eyes for a lifetime, the Bullhead Kingfish Glasses are a smart purchase.

Fishing: A Dangerous Sport?

According to the National Eye Institute, sports and recreational-related eye injuries result in an estimated 100,000 physician visits costing over $175 per year in the U.S. alone. The Coalition to Prevent Sports Eye Injuries says that the following sports are considered a high-to-moderate risk of eye injury: basketball, baseball, softball, lacrosse, tennis, soccer, volleyball, water polo, football, air rifle, BB gun, paintball, boxing, martial arts, cricket, squash, racquetball, fencing, badminton, golf and fishing.

Edge Dakura Ballistic Polarized Safety Glasses with Copper Lens

Edge Dakura Ballistic Polarized Safety Glasses with Copper Lens

Fishing, really? Yep! In fact, injuries from fishing make up over 9% of all sports-related injuries. Of that 9%, a hook in the eye accounts for 38% of injuries and a sinker or body of a lure striking the eye causes 44%. (The majority of the remaining 18% come largely in the form of overuse injuries.) While the reason remains unclear, eye injuries from fishing have surpassed those from basketball as the No. 1 sports-related eye injury, according to and the U.S. Eye Injury Registry.

Dr. Tom Parr corroborates this fact by noting that fishing has in fact become the most common cause of sports-related eye injuries seen in America’s emergency rooms. Dr. Parr further notes that According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), wearing regular sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses fails to provide enough eye protection to protect the eye from the impact of a flying fishing lure.

So how can these injuries be prevented? By wearing eyewear that is impact resistant. Models such as the following not only provide the ultimate in protection against flying hooks and sinkers but also protect eyes against 99% of harmful rays from the sun. These models have polycarbonate lenses and a wraparound style that provide full, impact-resistant protection.

In addition to protecting serious eye injury while fishing and providing protection against the sun’s harmful rays, polarized fishing sunglasses can also enhance visibility in all lighting conditions. For the numerous benefits they can provide, every angler should get Hooked on Polarized Fishing Sunglasses.

So, while fishing may not be the most dangerous sport for the body as a whole, the fact that a larger number of eye injuries come when fishing than when participating in any other sport, is certainly eye opening. Hopefully, this information motivates anglers to protect their eyes not just from the sun’s rays but from their own fishing gear as well.

Anchors Away – To Boating Safety!

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting warmer, and soon, some of us will have the pleasure of hopping onboard a boat. Whether she’s a small flat bottom boat or a stunning speed boat, safety must always stay on top of mind when out in the open waters. You want to have a fun boating experience, and safety tips like checking to ensure Sailingyou have the proper amount of fuel in your boat, as well as wearing Polarized Safety Glasses, keep you safe and grinning as you man your boat.

Tip #1: Have a boating license? A boating license is more than a sheet of paper – it’s acknowledgement that you are responsible enough to drive a boat, and that you know the boating safety must-haves. If you’re not driving the boat, make sure the driver does indeed have a license.

Tip #2: Check the fuel. Ever hop in your car without checking how much gas you have left? You’re excited to head out into the water, and after getting everyone onboard, it’s so easy to forget to check that you have enough fuel! Some boaters keep a checklist in their dock to ensure they don’t forget to check this very essential boating safety tip.

Tip #3: Consult the weather report. Ah, calm waters and not a cloud in the sky. Then twenty-minutes out, the raindrops start to fall and the thunder clouds roll in. The weather can be very mercurial, so take care to check the weather report before you head out. Smartphone apps make it even easier to do so these days.

Tip #4: Wear safety glasses. We’ve said again and again how important – yet easy to overlook – safety glasses are. It’s no different when out in the water. You’re boating at a nice speed, and although the wind rushing at you is a great feeling, it can always cause your eyes to dry or bugs, dirt, and water to fly up in your eyes, distracting you from driving the boat. Polarized safety glasses, like our Edge Dakura Polarized Safety Glasses, help you see more detail as you cruise along the water, without fear of bugs or water spraying up at you.

Tip #5: Take care with alcohol. Boating is great fun, isn’t it? It’s tempting to mix boating with alcohol, especially on innocent-looking lakes in the summertime. Yet, boating accidents dramatically increase when alcohol is involved. The smallest error in judgment can cause harm to you, your guests, and your boat. Save the alcohol for the dock!

The type of watercraft is no matter – simply being out in the water and safely enjoying the rush of the wind against your cheeks is one of our favorite parts of the summertime. As long as you are following boating safety tips, you can have an enjoyable boating experience. Know a boater in your life? Keep him or her safe by gifting polarized safety glasses, in exchange for a ride on the boat, of course!