Product Review: The Pyramex I-Force Convertible Safety Goggles/Safety Glasses

Pyramex I-Force Safety Glasses

The Pyramex I-Force Safety Glasses feature a dual pane lens for increased anti-fog properties.

Have you ever wished that just one pair of affordable eyewear (under $20!) could meet all your needs for safety and sun protection? Everything from your most basic uses, like mowing your lawn and playing tennis, to times when you need safety goggles for hazardous jobs or harsh weather?  If so, your wish has come true.

The Pyramex I-Force Convertible Safety Goggles/Safety Glasses are not only lightweight, sporty, and stylish, but also safe, comfortable, and versatile.  In fact, we think you’ll want to wear them for just about everything.  They’ll be your favorite pair of sunglasses for recreation, such as biking or kayaking, then convert into safety glasses or safety goggles for hard-core sports and dangerous jobs.

The I-Force’s versatility is its greatest advantage, and in this regard, they can’t be beat.  These glasses come with traditional temple arms and an optional safety strap; as well as a wide, sturdy, adjustable strap which transforms them from glasses into the ultimate safety goggles.

When worn as sporty sunglasses with the temple pieces in place, the I-Force are stylish and lightweight.  For a great customized fit, the temple arms swivel up and down, moving approximately 15 degrees in each direction at their connection point with the frames.

When worn as sports glasses/safety glasses, you may choose to wear the included adjustable safety strap.  This short strap hooks securely to the ends of the temple arms and adds assurance that your glasses won’t come off and get lost or damaged while boating, participating in fast-paced activities, or working at a strenuous or dangerous job.

When converting from safety glasses to goggles, the I-Force’s quick-release temple arms come off and a wider, more comfortable elastic strap snaps into place, sealing the frames comfortably and securely around your eyes.

Anti-Fogging Technology

Pyramex I-Force Safety Goggles

The Pyramex I-Force can be transformed into a high performance goggle quickly and easily.

With the I-Force in safety goggle-mode, the lenses seal completely and comfortably around your eyes, protecting you from flying particles, hazardous liquid splash-back, and the worst kinds of weather.  But best of all, unlike other safety goggles, their fog-proof lenses guarantee you’ll see safely no matter what temperature extremes you face.

The I-Force’s ultimate anti-fog feature is created through a dual-pane-lens design that isolates the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the eyewear.  The inner acetate lens resists fogging with H2X™ Anti-fog Technology, while an outer polycarbonate lens protects against exposure from environmental conditions.

Lens Colors to Meet Every Need
The variety of available lens colors only adds to the I-Force’s appeal.  With five colors to choose from, one is sure to be right for you:

Clear lenses are perfect for general indoor wear and provide exceptional impact protection.

Amber lenses are also recommended for indoor use, but in low-light conditions they enhance color contrast.

Grey lenses are great for sunny outdoor activities.

If you prefer a mirrored finish on your sunglasses, then you want the silver mirror style with gray polycarbonate lenses and a silver mirror coating.

Need eyewear that combines all these features?  Then the indoor/outdoor mirror-coated I-Force will do the job when your work or play requires moving frequently between the indoors and the outdoors.

Additionally — and a truly critical feature — is that all lenses provide 99% protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.


What makes the I-Force sun/safety glasses and goggles so remarkably comfortable?  When worn as sunglasses or safety glasses, they’re lightweight, well-balanced, and adjustable in any number of ways. When worn as goggles, the cushioned, flexible, vented, foam seal provides maximum dust protection, while simultaneously allowing sufficient airflow for the release of heat from behind the goggles. These unique, carefully designed features provide the best fit and comfort available.

Value is proud to offer you all five styles of the Pyramex I-Force Convertible Safety Goggles/Safety Glasses for under $20.00 each.  They’re hot shades, great looking safety glasses, and the best anti-fogging safety goggles on the market. We think you’ll be so amazed by their quality, durability, versatility, and comfort, you won’t want to wear anything else.

4 Basic Airsoft Survival Tactics To Conquer The Field

Airsoft Requires Safety Glasses

Protective eyewear should always be worn when playing Airsoft or handling Airsoft weapons.

We don’t consider airsoft a game – after all, it’s the closest many of us will come to actual combat. It’s a world of calculated strategy, where you need to think on your feet and make snap decisions in the blink of an eye. Airsoft is exhilarating, and when you’re on that battlefield, you need to have the gear to get the job done. In addition to padded camouflage clothing, protective head-gear, gloves, and boots, Airsoft Safety Glasses are an absolute necessity, and offer anti-fog coated lenses so you can keep your eyes clear on the battlefield.

You’ve got the airsoft gear down, but what about airsoft survival basics? If you’re going to be a pro, you have to first master these!

Look Around Obstacles – It’s tempting to want to peek your head above the obstacle to see what you’re up against, but your opponents expect you to do exactly that. Instead, always look around the obstacle – you’ll expose fewer parts of your body in doing so.

Switch It Up – Airsoft is all about strategy. If your opponent has you pinned and is shooting at you, don’t panic. Instead, cut back on your defensive shooting, making your opponent think that he’s taken you out. When your opponent slacks off in return, amp up the offense!

Keep It Down – You’re going to want to stand up and run to feel more aggressive and in control, but it’s only going to make you an easy target. Instead, keep to the ground as close as possible. This survival tactic in particular sets the amateurs apart from the pros.

Quick and Clear – We’re not referring to your movements here, we’re talking about your vision! Your opponent could be anywhere around you, and it’s vital to take continual quick glances around, as you can bet your opponent is looking to move in on you. Airsoft glasses, like the Pyramex I-Force Safety Glasses, not only give you the eye protection you need while playing airsoft, but actually help enhance your depth perception, and in the heat of the game, you’ll be thankful for the help.

Pyramex I-Force Safety Glasses

The Pyramex I-Force Safety Glasses offer advanced eye protection for Airsoft players.

Airsoft is a charged up game that will have the adrenaline pumping through every vein in your body. You need the right equipment, including Airsoft Glasses, and you also need to have the airsoft basics down. Master the survival basics, and you’ll be battling like a pro in no time.

Eye Injuries Can Occur at Any Time and in Any Place

Worker Eye Injury

Eye injuries can occur any time. Wearing safety glasses can drastically reduce your chance of injury.

Types of eye injuries are as varied as the people who receive them. Eye injuries can come from more common sources like a foreign body (dust, grass, glass, rust, etc.) in the eye, a scratch from a piece of paper, a branch while mowing or even a misplaced makeup applicator. A cleaning chemical splashed into the eye or damage from a severe blow like those athletes sometimes receive are also some of the more common eye injuries.

More in the middle of the scale from what is considered common to what is more unusual with regard to eye injuries includes burns to the eyes from chemicals or fumes and even from bright sunlight and tanning booths. Many health care workers, laboratory staff, janitorial workers and animal handlers also sometimes receive eye infections while on the job. These infections range from minor conjunctivitis to life threatening diseases such as HIV simply from secondary exposure.

At the other extreme and into the category of unusual are the eye injuries that not only come as a shock but also cause most people to squirm a bit. These are the bizarre injuries that are anything but common. Starting on the lower end of shock value is the fishing hook to the eye. There have also been reports of injury to eyes from golf tees, but specifics on how the tee actually punctured the eye were not given. You’ll have to use your imagination. Then there are the even stranger eye injuries that include pecking injuries from magpies and cormorants (both types of birds) and even one resulting from a boa constrictor bite. But the injury that wins for the highest shock value as well as probably the most unexpected would be one caused by an exploding emu egg. (For those who don’t know, an emu is an Australian bird that can grow to 6 ft in standing height. Its eggs are about 5 times the size of an average chicken egg.)

Pyramex Venture 3 Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses like the Pyramex Venture 3 can provide the required eye protection for a wide variety of tasks.

Unfortunately, not every eye injury can be prevented. After all, who thinks to wear safety glasses while watching a baby emu hatch from its egg or while playing with a pet boa constrictor? The point being that eye injuries can occur at any time and in any place. Keeping in mind that 90% of all injuries can be prevented (, wear protective eyewear whenever possible and always follow basic safety guidelines to help prevent injuries and infections.