Why Buy “Made in the USA”?

Made In USA

It’s when dollars spent on American-made products stay in America that we all benefit.

Safety Glasses USA, being a veteran-owned company, proudly celebrated Armed Forces Day last week; but we celebrate our Made in the USA brands every day! And since it’s getting to be that hot time of year when showing your patriotism is oh-so cool, wouldn’t you feel great in a fabulous new pair of eyewear that helped an American family bring home the bacon?

The truth is that there are many very serious reasons to consider buying U.S.-manufactured goods. Here are a few we believe are most important:

When you buy American …

  • you not only support American business owners, but also American workers, safe working conditions, and child labor laws.
  • you help grow America’s economy and foster American independence.
  • you’re leaving a cleaner world to our children. U.S. manufacturing processes are much friendlier to the environment than many other countries whose practices are unregulated, dangerous, and highly polluting.
  • you support the idea of a honest day’s wages for an honest day’s work rather than an economy built on the backs of an exploited, underpaid, overworked population.
  • you can feel confident that American consumer protection laws and safety standards protect your family.
  • you keep your family, friends, neighbors, and yourself earning a living wage. Innovative firms prove that job creation, manufacturing pride, and advances in technology will help the U.S. weather this challenging economy and once again become a thriving economy.

The Importance of Patriotic Spending

For the longest time, factory jobs were a chance for a family to step into the middle class and afford the next generation greater opportunities. Over the last several decades however, the U.S. let countless manufacturing jobs slip overseas. This has caused our knowledge base to shrink, and an unstable manufacturing sector to result.

And although middle class Americans are most at-risk, we should all be concerned about buying American — because why would anyone choose to support companies that cause hardships for U.S. families? When each manufacturing job creates 5-8 additional jobs — such as suppliers, accountants, technical support, distributors, sales personnel, and more — when the middle class loses jobs, their buying power decreases. U.S. companies go out of business and American families’ ability to purchase goods and services evaporates.

But, when Americans buy from U.S. companies, demand increases. Rising demand results in more factories and plants, job opportunities open up, and Americans once again gain an economic footing. Buying power rises, and American businesses and their employees regain financial health.

The power of change is in our wallets. We are in control of our country’s future every time we make a purchase. So choose wisely!

Safety Glasses USA‘s Made in the USA Products

  • Eyewear – The only styles and brands you’d want no matter where in the world they were made — so lucky for us they’re made right here! Check out our Oakley, Smith Elite, and Wiley X lines, just to name a few!
  • Goggles – Many jobs, hobbies, and environments require the protection and features only safety goggles can provide. That’s why our selection meets almost any need.
  • ANSI Z87+ Safety Glasses and Goggles – With 3M, ESS, Oakley, Radians, Revisions, Uvex, Universal, and Wiley X to choose from, how can you go wrong?
  • Hearing Protection – Products made by only the best: DeWalt, EAR, Elvex, Moldex, and Radians.
  • Hard Hats – Provide vital head protection while on the job. Our durable and comfortable hard hats are from the manufacturers you know and trust.
  • Respirators – Moldex respirators don’t just look different, they are different. Easy to put on and fit, the contoured shape doesn’t require constant adjustment. They resist collapsing in heat and humidity as well. Moldex also has the only complete line of PVC-free respiratory products.
  • Accessories – Chums Breakaway Retainers, DuraChum Kevlar Retainers, Chums Original Cotton Retainers, SafetyChum Retainers, Pre-moistened Lens Cleaning Towelettes, and Super Strength Anti-Fog Spray.

Five Simple Steps to Promote Patriotic Spending

  • The key: buy products made in the USA!
  • Go to MadeInUSA.com to find and purchase American-made products.
  • If you don’t see the products you want in the stores where you shop, ask them to start stocking them.
  • Promote Patriotic Spending by spreading the word to family and friends.
  • Teach future generations the importance of Patriotic Spending. Their future jobs and way of life are at stake.

It’s when dollars spent on American-made products stay in America that we all benefit. Patriotic Spending protects stable, quality jobs. The money we earn comes back to us again and again. This is called “Recycling Dollars”, and it’s a concept that will make our economy strong again.

Particulate Respirators: A Guide to When and Why You Should Wear One

Particulate Respirator

Particulate Respirators should always be used around dust-producing activities.

Particulate respirators are protective devices that purify the air you breathe, guarding your lungs from small, potentially hazardous particles.  Depending on your activity — home improvements, arts and crafts, gardening, or on the job — contaminants such as dust, pollen, vapors, sprays, mold spores, etc. may be in the air all around you.

Protective, disposable particulate respirators use either one or two straps to form a tight seal around your nose and mouth.  Because these respirators only cover half your face, unless you are also wearing safety goggles, they should only be worn when the contaminants in your environment are non-toxic to your eyes and skin.

When Should You Wear a Particulate Respirator?

 For Do-It-Yourself Projects and Dirty Chores
A respirator should be worn every time you engage in dust-producing activities, such as sanding, spray painting, sweeping, grinding, etc.  Using a power saw for a do-it-yourself project, like building or tiling, is a perfect example.  Another is winterizing your home with non-rigid insulation (the pink fluffy kind) you must avoid inhaling.  Times you may run into contaminants while doing common outdoor chores include fertilizing your yard and garden, mowing, and blowing leaves.  A respirator can make breathing safer and more comfortable when tackling these dusty, dirty jobs.

  • For Disinfecting Your Home
    Another useful time to wear a respirator is when noxious odors from bleach-based household cleaning products irritate your nasal passages and sinuses.  Read labels carefully.  Anytime a label says, “Avoid breathing vapors or mist,” always wear a respirator.
  • While Pursuing Your Art
    Artists, artisans, and hobbiest are another group of people who often work around dust, fumes, sprays, and mists.  Art supplies, such as charcoals, paints, chemicals, and any number of other potentially hazardous materials make wearing a particle filter mask important for lung protection.  Potters, for example, are at risk of inhaling harmful clay and glazing dust, so should always wear a respirator.
  • For Protection from Allergens
    Allergy protection is a common use for particulate respirators as well.  Allergy sufferers can avoid breathing airborne allergens that lead to sneezing, itchy eyes, scratchy throats, and the respiratory distress of asthma.  In the spring and fall, people are often doing large cleanup projects just as seasonal pollen and mold spores are at their worst.  At these times, an inexpensive and effective respirator can provide great relief.
  • In Emergencies
    Knock on wood that you never need a particulate respirator for an emergency, but should you ever, it’s wise to have at least one for every member of your family in your emergency kit.  Dust, smoke, ash, and mold spores often fill the air after earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, etc., and these harm lung tissue.  Adding respirators to your emergency kit offers you and your family valuable protection in uncertain, rapidly-changing conditions.

Wear-Time and Correct Fit
To be effective, respirators should be worn throughout your exposure to contaminants. If the respirator becomes difficult to breathe through or is damaged, immediately move to a non-contaminated area and replace it.

Beards, facial hair, or anything else that prevents direct contact between the face and the edge of the respirator will reduce its effectiveness. It’s also important to understand that using a respirator will not prevent contaminants from entering your body through your skin or eyes.  If additional protective gear is required, such as gloves, safety glasses, safety goggles, or other protective clothing, be sure to outfit yourself appropriately.

Always refer to the time-use restrictions in the users’ manual to determine how long a particulate respirator can be worn before it needs to be replaced.  Respirators with filters must have the filter replaced whenever it is damaged, soiled, or creating breathing problems.  Check the outside of the filter before each use.  If it’s damaged or soiled, throw it away.  Replace the respirator if the mask tears or when the straps have lost their elasticity.

How to Achieve a Proper Fit Every Time:

  • Cup both hands in front of the mask.  (But do not push on the mask.)
  • Inhale deeply.  Make sure the mask collapses slightly towards your face.
  • If the mask is drawn in, and no air is leaking in around the edges, you have a proper fit.
  • If you do not have a proper fit, readjust the straps or reposition the respirator.
  • Repeat the test until you have a proper fit.
  • Always read the users’ manual for other specific fitting instructions.

Protect your lungs from harmful particles in the air while at work or while engaged in your favorite activities.  Wearing a respirator is vital to your health and continued enjoyment of hobbies.  Don’t let lung damage take your breath away.  Protect yourself every time and breathe clean air.