The Best of Safety Glasses USA 2011! Part 1

In case you missed any of's fabulous and informative blogs this year, here's Part I of a two-part recap of the best postings of 2011! January: Mike Eldridge, President of Safety Glasses USA, kicked off the year with a review … [Read more...]

Say Hello To Modern Safety Equipment – And Good Riddance To That Drab Gear!

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Particulate Respirators: A Guide to When and Why You Should Wear One

Particulate respirators are protective devices that purify the air you breathe, guarding your lungs from small, potentially hazardous particles.  Depending on your activity — home improvements, arts and crafts, gardening, or on the job — contaminants … [Read more...]

Time to Get Your Safety Gear Ready for Fall Yard Cleanup

It may sound silly to think that yard work could be hazardous to your health, but some of the most commonly used equipment—such as leaf blowers, mowers, hedge trimmers, and weed whackers—are also the most notorious for kicking up debris, turning … [Read more...]

New Radians Hi-Viz Clothing

New Radians Hi-Viz Safety Vests are now available in our Hi-Viz Clothing section. Radians knows visibility is a safety requirement in high traffic areas, around heavy equipment, and in poorly lit work environments. Hard work in these difficult … [Read more...]