Anchors Away – To Boating Safety!

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting warmer, and soon, some of us will have the pleasure of hopping onboard a boat. Whether she’s a small flat bottom boat or a stunning speed boat, safety must always stay on top of mind when out in the open waters. You want to have a fun boating experience, and safety tips like checking to ensure Sailingyou have the proper amount of fuel in your boat, as well as wearing Polarized Safety Glasses, keep you safe and grinning as you man your boat.

Tip #1: Have a boating license? A boating license is more than a sheet of paper – it’s acknowledgement that you are responsible enough to drive a boat, and that you know the boating safety must-haves. If you’re not driving the boat, make sure the driver does indeed have a license.

Tip #2: Check the fuel. Ever hop in your car without checking how much gas you have left? You’re excited to head out into the water, and after getting everyone onboard, it’s so easy to forget to check that you have enough fuel! Some boaters keep a checklist in their dock to ensure they don’t forget to check this very essential boating safety tip.

Tip #3: Consult the weather report. Ah, calm waters and not a cloud in the sky. Then twenty-minutes out, the raindrops start to fall and the thunder clouds roll in. The weather can be very mercurial, so take care to check the weather report before you head out. Smartphone apps make it even easier to do so these days.

Tip #4: Wear safety glasses. We’ve said again and again how important – yet easy to overlook – safety glasses are. It’s no different when out in the water. You’re boating at a nice speed, and although the wind rushing at you is a great feeling, it can always cause your eyes to dry or bugs, dirt, and water to fly up in your eyes, distracting you from driving the boat. Polarized safety glasses, like our Edge Dakura Polarized Safety Glasses, help you see more detail as you cruise along the water, without fear of bugs or water spraying up at you.

Tip #5: Take care with alcohol. Boating is great fun, isn’t it? It’s tempting to mix boating with alcohol, especially on innocent-looking lakes in the summertime. Yet, boating accidents dramatically increase when alcohol is involved. The smallest error in judgment can cause harm to you, your guests, and your boat. Save the alcohol for the dock!

The type of watercraft is no matter – simply being out in the water and safely enjoying the rush of the wind against your cheeks is one of our favorite parts of the summertime. As long as you are following boating safety tips, you can have an enjoyable boating experience. Know a boater in your life? Keep him or her safe by gifting polarized safety glasses, in exchange for a ride on the boat, of course!

UV Protection – Eliminating Excuses

Smith & Wesson Mini-Magnum with Gold Metallic Mirror Lens

Smith & Wesson Mini-Magnum with Gold Metallic Mirror Lens

Most people agree that sunglasses can protect eyes from harmful UV rays. Most people also believe that eye protection benefits overall health. And the majority of individuals usually wears sunglasses during outdoor activities and while driving. Yet, not even half of individuals surveyed actually wear sunglasses that truly protect their eyes. In addition, the majority of people also feel that children should wear sunglasses too, but one glance at a park or ball field on sunny day and the lack of follow through in this area is obvious.

So why the disparity? Many individuals focus only on fashion when choosing sunglasses, or they don’t feel that UV protection is an absolute necessity. The following 5 facts provide the necessary information to help eliminate excuses for not protecting eyes against harmful UV rays.

  1. Experts stress the importance of UV protection for eyes. In “How the Sun Affects Our Eyes: An Interview with an Optometrist,” author Denise Cripps details that not only is the accumulated affect of UV rays on the eyes significant, but it is especially so for those under 18. Because protecting eyes is so crucial, eliminating excuses for not protecting them is a worthwhile pursuit.
  2. You can have BOTH fashion and UV protection. Many individuals choose sunglasses based on fashion. Unfortunately, fashion sunglasses often fail to protect eyes against harmful UV rays. Yet fortunately, a large variety of sunglasses DO PROTECT the eyes and also LOOK GREAT on the wearer. Check out these options, and you’ll quickly become a believer.
  3. Affordability is no longer an issue. While many sunglasses with UV protection can get pricey, there are just as many that are quite affordable. Makers like Tapout provide a variety of fashionable and affordable options with several items pricing out below $20.
  4. The options available eliminate excuses. Individuals who wear prescription glasses as well as those needing an additional level of safety because of their job no longer have to compromise either. There are a variety of over-prescription eyewear, prescription-ready sunglasses, and safety sunglasses with UV protection to fit anyone’s unique situation. Even those wearing bifocals have some terrific options for sunglasses.
  5. Protecting your child’s eyes doesn’t have to be expensive. Many people are hesitant to spend a lot on sunglasses for children because in general children tend to either be rough or forgetful and often both. Fortunately, many inexpensive options such as the Smith & Wesson Mini-Magnum Safety Glasses with Gold Metallic Mirror and the Dewalt Renovator Small Safety Glasses with Indoor-Outdoor Lens exist to protect young eyes against UV rays as well as against impact hazards such as those that come with sports. Options are so affordable, that purchasing a back-up pair is not out of the question.

Changing habits can be a struggle for many people, and education can be a key component to eliminate excuses that stand in the way. This fact certainly holds true for protecting eyes against harmful rays from the sun. With the elimination of the excuses addressed in the above 5 facts, hopefully the disparity between belief and action can be reduced.

Stay tuned for next week’s article that will identify and address one of the biggest reasons many individuals do not wear sunglasses.

The Sporty Girl’s Guide To Women’s Sunglasses

Revo Belay

Revo Belay Sunglasses

You’re the girl who effortlessly transitions from the sweat of the tennis court or adventure of the shooting range to the chic lounge or hip hotspot – or at least you make it look effortless! You know that style and beauty are more than skin deep, and you want your sunglasses to reflect your casual style, while embracing the sporty girl that you are. We’ve got you covered here at Safety Glasses USA, and our own sporty girls on staff did some digging to reveal our top women’s sport sunglasses picks for the summer of 2012.

#1: TapouT Ring Girl Sunglasses – With their bronze lenses and tortoise shell frames, you’ll look like the golden goddess that you are – the goddess of packing a punch, that is!

#2: Wiley-X Ashley Sunglasses – These women’s sport sunglasses are actually shatterproof, so you can stop worrying about your sunglasses and focus your energy on accomplishing one more mile on that sunny summer morning jog of yours.

#3: Revo Belay Sunglasses – Cobalt lenses and a white frame say “hot” like nothing else, and these Revo sunglasses aren’t just chic; they also repel water and sunlight, making them so ideal for showing all the guys out there how riding a wave is really done.

#4: Wiley X Dalila Sunglasses – Hurry, these lovely blues are on clearance! Their crystal blue frame and smoke lenses gives you an extra air of confidence as you sweep your hair up and head out to the volleyball court – and put your pearls on as you stride into the country club.

So now you’ve got the sunglasses to fit in with your sporty cred, but there’s a few other sporty girl must-haves to complete your sleek athletic look:

  • No slip elastic headbands – There’s no time to think about your hair when you’re out on the court, so pull it up and slip on an elastic headband that keeps your hair in place and off your mind.

  • Go for bright colors – Who needs basic black when you can wear a lime green sport tank, bright blue shorts, and hot pink sneakers? Real sporty girls wear pink (and green, blue, yellow, orange, purple).

  • Sunless Tanner/Sunscreen – Laying out in the sun for hours on end lathered in baby oil just isn’t your thing. Instead, use self tanner, and consider sunscreen your best friend when you’re outside.

Sporty girls: we don’t just sell safety glasses and sunglasses for men – we’ve got you in mind with our women’s sport sunglasses perfect for your face frame and designed to complement your athletic style. Finish your summer shopping with just a few clicks, and get back out and active and doing what you do best.