Understand Your Shooting Safety Glasses Lens Color Options

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Shooting Glasses – Live to See Another Day

Much has been written about the importance of wearing proper eye protection when firing a gun, and any respectable firing range will require its patrons don safety glasses or they don’t get to shoot. The ranges don’t have a choice, it’s an insurance … [Read more...]

Wiley-X Eyewear Featured in Reload Video Game

Wiley-X featured in new Reload game. Wiley-X Eyewear was recently selected as the virtual eye protection of choice for Mastiff's recently launched weapons and shooting tactics simulator "Reload." First released in 2010 for the Wii and PC platforms, … [Read more...]

DFG urging safety glasses for dove hunters

DAVE STREGERegister columnistOUTDOORSdstrege@ocregister.comGot questions about the dove hunting opener Sept. 1? We’ve got answers… Is it true safety glasses will be required of hunters on state land? No, but the Department of Fish and … [Read more...]

Can Shooting Glasses Protect Your Eyes From Birdshot?

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