Blue Blocker Eyewear Might Help Night Shift Workers Sleep Better

By | June 3rd, 2016|Featured Post, Safety Tips|

While most Americans sleep, 3.2 percent of the country’s population works the graveyard shift, also known as the night shift or 3rd shift. Night shift workers include police officers, hospital staff, truck drivers [...]

Strategies for Reducing Worker Fatigue

By | August 25th, 2015|Safety Tips|

The Problem of Worker Fatigue Fatigue not only affects a worker's health and productivity, it also plays a significant role in workplace safety. Causes of worker fatigue are many and varied and may [...]

The Impact of Sleep on Safety

By | March 19th, 2013|Safety Tips|

What factor at least partially caused the following disasters? The incident at Three Mile Island nuclear facility in 1979. Bhopal Union Carbide tragedy in 1984. Chernobyl in 1986. The space shuttle Challenger accident [...]

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