Infographic on the Dangers of Modern Warehouses

Here’s an interesting infographic created by Storage Solutions about the dangers of modern warehouses and how to prevent them. Several topics listed are violations that OSHA looks for, injury prone areas and tips for forklift safety and proper use.  There are over 145,000 warehouse workers in the USA alone, I’d love to hear what you have to say, please share your comments below.

Warehouse Safety the Dangers of Modern Warehouses and How to Prevent Them
Warehouse Safety the Dangers of Modern Warehouses and How to Prevent Them

Safety from the Heart This February

Safety Glasses Make a Worker Happy

Protect your loved ones and give them the gift of safety this Valentine's Day.

February is a month that is truly from the heart – from Valentine’s Day smack in the middle of the month to American Heart Month casting a red glow throughout February, it’s a month that is all about giving from the heart –whether it’s a material gift or through care and thought. Safety Glasses and safety equipment might not shine as bright as diamonds, but when your loved ones are operating dangerous equipment or are working in precarious situations, you’re going to rely on safety equipment to keep the cherished people in your life safe.

A Passion For Safety
The calendar doesn’t have to specify a holiday for you to give the gift of safety – it’s a gift that is welcome all year round and shows how much you care about the special people in your life. If you’re just swinging by our website, don’t feel overwhelmed – first think about what type of conditions they’re working in. For example, does he or she need Splash Goggles, or perhaps Polarized Safety Glasses? Then, think about Safety Glasses Lens Tints in accordance with the lighting conditions he or she works in.

Think safety bundles – safety glasses, face shields, gloves, and hard hats. Giving your loved one the complete safety package ups the likelihood that he or she will keep safety on the brain, and be armed with the safety equipment to make it a reality.

Promote Safety In February
As you’re embracing the love this February, use heartfelt action to promote the cause of safety:

  • Tell your loved ones how vital their safety is to you. We live busy lives, and it’s easy to forget to tell the people in our lives how much they mean to us. Take a few minutes this February, and all year, to remind them.
  • Promote safety – together. Don’t things always seem to stick better when you do them together? If you want your husband to wear safety glasses when working in the yard, buy yourself a pair and wear them too!
  • Start safety early. We learn habits early, and the habit of safety is a wonderful one to teach. Children’s Safety Glasses are made for smaller faces, and get your kids in the habit of promoting safety from youth to adult.

Safety comes from the heart this February, and choosing safety equipment for your loved ones is not only a wonderful surprise, but one that shows how much they mean to you. We’re always here to help, so please contact us if you need a helping hand selecting the right safety equipment for the people who hold the keys to your heart!

A Serious Reality: Workplace Eye Safety Compliance

Piece of Wood Lodged in Eye

Piece of wood lodged in a workers cornea.

We’re wide-eyed in (happy!) surprise over a recent mention on eye protection in the workplace – the Lakeside Vision blog gave our safety glasses a shout-out in their “Protecting Your Eyes at Work” post, and we’re thrilled! Eye safety compliance in the workplace is one of our chief concerns here at Safety Glasses USA, and many of our customers are business owners looking for the ideal safety glasses for their team members. We talk about the benefits of safety glasses on nearly all of our blog posts, but many people still don’t wear the proper eye protection at work – until the worst happens, of course.

If you’re a faithful wearer of safety glasses, we’re giving you a pat on the back! Oftentimes however, you may need to give a loved one a needed push to ensure those safety glasses stay on, or again convince your team members that safety glasses are truly for their safety and not just another regulation. Here’s just one firsthand example from the Lakeside Vision team on what can happen when you fail to wear safety glasses:

  • A demolition worker was doing his typical day-to-day work – sans safety glasses – when a board hit him directly in the eye. The man waited a few days, thinking his eye would heal on its own, instead of contacting his eye doctor. His eye unfortunately only became slightly better. He finally went to the doctor, who found a piece of the wood still in his cornea. The wood had penetrated through about half of the cornea. Immediate surgery was required, and a plug was inserted into his cornea to prevent leaking. The man is doing fine, but oh, we hope he wears safety glasses from now on!

It’s firsthand examples and stats on the danger that can occur in literally a second that propel staff and family members to wear safety glasses. Here’s some workplace eye safety statistics that you can communicate to your team to make your business a zero injury zone in 2012:

  • The Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that of those involved in eye accidents, three out of five victims were not wearing safety glasses or safety goggles. We can’t stop accidents from occurring, but we can help you stay safer should they occur.
  • 70% of eye injuries were caused by flying particles or sparks, with many of these objects smaller than even a pinhead! These are items moving so fast and so small that there isn’t a chance you’ll see them, but there’s a big chance safety glasses will prevent them from hitting your eyes.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 94% of eye injuries that occurred when workers were wearing eye protection were the result of chemicals and particles penetrating the space around the eyewear. Think safety goggles for a needed firm fit around your eyes.

Eye protection in the workplace is a serious matter, and it often takes real-life examples and statistics to reinforce to your family members and staff that eye injuries can happen to anyone – at anytime. The workplace should feel safe and secure, and our knowledge and expertise at Safety Glasses USA – and talented eye doctors like those at Lakeside Vision and all across the country, help make workplace eye safety a reality.