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Tapout Kimura Sunglasses

Tapout sunglasses are named after famous submission holds

Watch the Dan Henderson and Mauricio Rua fight on Saturday night? You can bet that a few of us did over here – decked out in our TAPOUT® hoodies and t-shirts, of course! Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters exude style and finesse, and practicing MMA maneuvers has been growing increasingly popular, even for those who don’t desire to see the inside of a professional octagon. Sure, the goal of MMA is to knock out the opponent, but these are professionally trained fighters who embrace the skill and strategy of the fight, and understand that a fight isn’t just about who’s stronger – it’s about who has the endurance and aptitude to outwit their opponent.

We’re proud to now carry TAPOUT® Sunglasses that emphasize the resilience and determination of MMA fighters, with each pair of TAPOUT® sunglasses named after some of the most famous MMA hold moves. TAPOUT® sunglasses are designed for the hours when we’re off the clock and can relax and take our work safety glasses off for the day. Like us, MMA fighters emphasize protection from head to toe, donning safety essentials including:

  • Safety headgear
  • Durable gloves
  • Mouth guards
  • Groin protectors
  • Joint and rash guards
  • Shin guards and ankle supports

Nosebleeds and broken jaws are pretty common in MMA fights, but for real fans, it’s not about who’s being taken down, it’s about the moves that yielded the opponent into submission. AskMen.com lists a great compilation of the top 10 MMA submission moves, and as we flick our TAPOUT® sunglasses down over our eyes and check out these maneuvers, we couldn’t agree more with their top five strategic MMA positions:

#5: Arm Bar – Common MMA move crafted to hyperextend the opponent’s arm into submission, often causing ligament damage if held too long.

#4 Triangle Choke – Traps the opponent’s head and legs between the fighter’s arms, typically resulting in the fighter tapping out.

#3: Omoplata – Difficult move that hyper rotates the opponent’s arm and can result in some serious arm damage if the opponent doesn’t tap out in time.

#2: Guillotine – A glorified headlock, the guillotine is a versatile move that’s simple in execution, but can reap major rewards for the fighter.

#1: Rear Naked Choke – Strange name, strong move –involves choking the opponent’s throat from behind, swiftly causing the opponent to tap out or be put into a sleep-like state.

The TAPOUT® Sunglasses you choose reflect your personality – whether you’re choosing a pair based on your favorite MMA maneuver, like TAPOUT® Armbar Sunglasses, or a pair based on its sleek, modern design. Regardless of how you choose, you’re embracing the power and resilience of those few brave enough to step inside the MMA ring. For us – time to tap out and get together with some friends to watch the next fight!

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