Yard Cleanup: Fall For Safety This Autumn

Fall Cleanup Blowing Leaves

Always wear safety glasses or goggles when using a leaf blower!

It’s that “wonderful” time of year again – the time where we drain the pool, pull our plants up, and break out the rake and clean the leaves. Fall cleanup is a necessary part of home ownership, and it’s a great way to get the whole family together and go outside to enjoy that crisp Autumn air. Safety is an essential part of the annual Fall cleanup and should be first on your cleanup checklist. Here’s why:

  • Leaf blowers blow more than leaves. Ever notice how much dirt and debris a leaf blower kicks up, in addition to leaves, of course? Getting dirt blown in your eyes isn’t only uncomfortable; it can be dangerous and scratch your retina, too. Safety Glasses are a absolutely necessary for your Fall cleanup, however you may want to consider a hybrid safety glasses/goggle style like the Pyramex I-Force. The I-Force creates a seal around your eye to keep you completely protected from flying dust and debris.
  • It takes two to handle a ladder. Ladders, no matter how sturdy they seem, always run the risk of slipping or buckling. Have a family member hold the ladder for you while you climb up it, and never stand above the level noted by the manufacturer. Wear safety glasses, a hard hat, and safety gloves.
  • Protect more than limbs when using a chainsaw. Use chainsaws carefully to prevent any dangers to your limbs. Chainsaws bring other dangers, too – branches falling on your head, the loud sound creating hearing damage, and wood chips flying in your eyes. The Elvex ProGuard Loggers Safety Cap is equipped with it all – earmuffs, a hard hat, and a steel mesh face visor to help you stay safe while cutting down those branches this Fall.
  • Bugs can live in plants, so watch those hands. It’s common for insects to live within the potting soil in your outdoor plants, and plants can also harbor disease, as commonly evidenced by a powdery mildew on the leaves. Wear durable Safety Gloves to keep your hands safe from the bite of insects or plant-born disease.
  • Spraying fertilizer so your plants will be ready for Spring? You need more than a mask. We hope you wear at least a mask when spraying fertilizer – simply holding a hand across your mouth just won’t do! Wear a Moldex Respirator to breathe safety – and fit comfortably around your mouth and nose. Chemicals spread throughout the air, so you’ll need safety glasses as well – you don’t want to risk itchy, infected eyes as a result.
Pyramex I-Force Safety Glasses

The Pyramex I-Force combines the best features of safety glasses and goggles.

Fall cleanup is upon us, and these October weekends are the perfect time to get your family outside to make your yard Winter-ready, and eventually, Spring-perfect. Think safety during this year’s Fall cleanup, and you’ll be back inside carving pumpkins again in no time – with safety gloves on, of course!

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