I think we can all agree the ability to see clearly, regardless of environmental conditions, is an essential aspect of safety. Safety glasses with built-in LED (light-emitting diode) lights are a terrific option when working in dark or dimly lit environments. From electrical and plumbing work to car repair and hobbies, the continuous illumination provided by LED Safety Glasses can make your job safer and easier.

10 Benefits of Wearing LED Safety Glasses

  1. Hands-free lighting that eliminates the need to juggle a flashlight.
  2. Easier movement in tight, dark or dimly lit spaces.
  3. A long battery life (50 hours) that makes LED lights both efficient and cost-effective.
  4. Eliminating shadowing in well-lit areas. With lights mounted on each temple, direct lighting keeps a task well-lit regardless of the location of the room’s light source.
  5. Not having to search for a flashlight when the power goes out in the middle of a project.
  6. Being able to eliminate large and uncomfortable headlamps.
  7. Providing flexibility by not allowing the absence of natural light to be a factor. Reading and working in a dimly lit area or even outside in the dusk or darkness becomes much easier.
  8. LED lights are permanently attached, so they are always available when needed.
  9. Anti-fog technology, so glasses stay clear in any condition.
  10. Impact-resistant lenses that allow for the ultimate in safety and visibility.
LED Safety Glasses Technician

Safety Glasses with LED lights allow you to use both hands instead of fumbling with a flashlight.

Work And Hobby Applications

Workplace applications for the use of LED Safety Glasses are many and varied. They include forklift drivers who work at night and need to see paperwork, utility workers fumbling with a floodlight while looking for an external electrical source, and maintenance workers requiring to work with both hands in poorly lit or dark situations. Other work environments that could benefit from LED Safety Glasses include inspection work, electrical work (especially on new construction), plumbing work and car repair.

LED Safety Glasses are also beneficial for a variety of hobbies including camping, fishing, and a variety of crafts. Even night-time grilling and bicycling after dark are perfect situations that can benefit from having both continuous illuminations as well as eye protection.

Available Brands And Styles

Interested in learning more about LED Safety Glasses? The following models are available from 3M and Pyramex.

  1. Light Vision
  2. Light Vision 2
  3. Light Vision 2 Bifocals
  4.  Pyramex PMXTreme
  5. Pyramex PMXTreme Bifocals

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