Airsoft is the closest most people come to actual combat. It’s a world of calculated strategy requiring quick thinking and snap decisions. For these reasons, Airsoft is also exhilarating.

Having the gear to get the job done is crucial on the battlefield. In addition to padded camouflage clothing and protective headgear, gloves, and boots, Airsoft safety glasses are also absolute necessities. Many even come with anti-fog lenses to keep vision clear on the battlefield.

Airsoft Survival Basics

With the necessary gear ready to go, it’s time to discuss Airsoft survival basics.

  • Look around obstacles. It’s tempting to peek above obstacles to check out the opponent, but that’s exactly what an opponent hopes for. Instead, look around the obstacle. This results in less exposure, which is not only safer but better battle strategy.
  • Switch it up. Airsoft is all about strategy. It’s important not to panic when being shot at by an opponent. Instead, a good strategy involves cutting back on defensive shooting and making opponents think they have the upper hand. When the opponent slacks off, as a result, it’s time to amp up the offense again.

Airsoft Action

  • Keep it down. Standing and running to feel more aggressive and in control only creates an easy target. A better strategy involves keeping as close to the ground as possible. This survival tactic sets professionals apart from amateurs.
  • Keep vision quick and clear. Opponents could be anywhere, so it’s vital to take frequent quick glances around. Airsoft glasses like the Pyramex I-Force Safety Glasses not only give the eye protection needed, but they also enhance depth perception. This can provide an extra advantage in the heat of the game.

Airsoft Safety Goggles and Glasses

Airsoft is a charged-up, adrenaline-pumping game. The right equipment, including airsoft safety glasses and goggles, along with following basic Airsoft strategy can have just about anyone battling like a pro in no time.