COVID-19 Eye Protection

While face masks, social distancing, and handwashing remain the best ways to prevent COVID-19, eye protection is also worth considering since you can contract COVID-19 through your eyes. In fact, for many lab professionals and even for students in classroom labs, lab goggles are an essential part of preventing COVID-19.

Lab goggles typically enclose and completely shield the area around your eyes, allowing you to avoid damage by particulates, water, chemicals, and even debris. Not wearing goggles or at least some type of protective eyewear in a lab setting can result in irreversible harm to your eyes. Those who wear glasses for corrective purposes need goggles that comfortably cover and protect their glasses too.

The following list of the best lab goggles for COVID-19 can help make sure you’re protected against this potentially deadly virus in a lab setting, in addition to all the other ways you need protection.

5 Best Lab Goggles for COVID-19

Pyramex G200T Splash Goggles


1. Pyramex G200T

The G200T is a non-vented goggle that keeps liquids like a chemical splash and air droplets away from the eyes. It has a comfortable elastic strap and can be worn over most prescription glasses. It also has a flexible seal for comfort, an anti-fog coating, and protects against the sun’s harmful rays.

Crews 2237R Goggles

2. Crews 2237R

The Crews 2237R is a non-vented goggle with a wide field of vision. It provides splash protection through a secure and comfortable seal around the face. It fits over prescription eyewear, is latex-free, and has an anti-fog coating. This goggle also provides impact protection.

SGUSA Splash Goggles

3. SGUSA 5000-24

This non-vented chemical splash goggle also provides impact protection and can fit over most prescription eyewear frames. It has a comfortable and adjustable elastic headband to keep goggles secure. It is also proudly made in the USA.

Bolle Cobra TPR Goggles

4. Bolle Cobra TPR

The comfortable Cobra TPR has a Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) gasket, non-vented to keep out grime, dust, and splash. It also has anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. The goggle is completely washable since it has no fabric or foam. Designed for laboratories, clean industries, agro-food plants, chemical plants, and refineries, the Cobra TPR is perfect for any messy job requiring a full seal.

3M GoggleGear 500 Splash Goggles

5. 3M GoggleGear 500

This goggle has premium ScotchGard Anti-Fog coating to outlast a long day. It also has indirect venting, UV protection, and an adjustable fabric strap. Its low-profile design is D3 splash/droplet rated and D4 dust rated. The 3M GoggleGear 500 also comes Rx insert ready.

Radians LPX IQuity Splash Goggles

Honorable mention: Radians LPX IQuity Goggle

Also, deserving mention on our list of top lab goggles is the Radians LPX IQuity Goggle. Not only does it provide superior anti-fog, anti-scratch, and anti-smudge protection, but it also has a compact design and a neoprene strap for a comfortable fit. Ideal for wear with other PPE, the IQuity is also ANSI-rated for D3 liquid splash and D4 dust certification. A replacement lens is also available.

Prevention is Key

Maybe you’ve always worn goggles in the lab because of all the melting, sanding, brushing, boiling, hammering, cutting, welding, and chemical work you do. In other words, preventing eye damage from hazards is already a part of your routine. Now you can add to the list prevention of COVID-19, too.